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6th Grade World Studies 

The Dynasties:  Shang, Han, Qin, Tang, Zhou, Qing, Song, and Ming  

Use the AGOPP Method 




Ask and Clarify

Don't forget - Who. What. When. How. Where. Why.






Gather Information from a wide range of Sources

Remember the TEXT FEATURES are your research aids, both on the printed page and the internet page.

Gathering Information from Print Sources and Databases: Use key Words and phrases when using the index, table of contents and search box.


Make sure you have the password sheet for home use. 

Image Quest  (Photographs)

Encyclopedia Britannica 

SIRS Knowledge Source SIRS 

Student Resource Center Junior (Mrs. Larson's favorite)

CultureGrams Students working on modern China use this 1st!

Remember and use your search strategies.

Independent Websites



 Books - Non-fiction books relating to China have been pulled and are displayed on shelves in the media center. Additional information resources are the books in the Reference area of the media center.


Organize Information
Draw Conclusions

Use your graphic organizer for notes and citation information.


Prepare Materials to Present


See your teacher for project instructions.

Mr. Evan's Class projects are below.

  1. Kite Project - At least 8 facts should be labeled on kited.
  2. 3-D Model/Diorama - At least 8 facts should be bolded or underlined in the book.
  3. Children's Book - At least 8 facts should be bolded or underlined in the book.
  4. Diary Entries (at least 3) - Best suited for a person or done from a peron's viewpoint of historical event.  At least 8 facts should be bolded or underlined in the diary.
  5. -   ONLY can be done if you are researching a person.  At least 8 facts should be provided on wall postings.  Must have at least 10 likes by different people/groups/dynasties.
  6. (Timeline) -  BEST for dynasties, but can be done for a person.  Must have at least 8 facts listed on timeline with dates included .  Have at least 3 total pictures or links with facts.
  7. Microsoft PowerPoint - Have at least five slides including an introductory slide.  Have at least 8 facts on slides.  Also, include 3 pictures or links on slides.



report card  

Present & Assess Information

 2012 Examples  


Jake Brown:
Paige Chase:
Allie Kalik:
Ian Shonat:
Maiya Trombley:
Julia Papdopulos:
Noora Youssefi:  

Tiki-toki (Timeline)  

Cleo Zhao:  

Library Media MLO's
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to locate and use information resources, equipment and other technologies effectively and efficiently.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to review, evaluate and select media.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to learn and apply reading, research and critical thinking skills to organize, and synthesize information in order to communicate new understanding.


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