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 7continentsSocial Studies   BBC WeathersiteScience   kolabcgamesMath 
Social Studies for Kids  Bill Nye the Science Guy  Dreambox Learning (PB interactive)
Community Helpers Online Books   PBS: Dragonfly    Glencoe Online Manipulatives (bears/boats) Community Helpers  Family Science   Virtual Manipulatives   Science Page   Ask Dr. Math 
Kidport   The Science Spot   Kidport 
National Geographic for Kids  Kidport   Math Dictionary for Kids 
Scholastic-Community Helpers  Geography 4 Kids   That Quiz 
Shephard's Software   Balancing & Weighing Activities
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AAA Math  

Education Place   EPA Kids Page 

 Kids Numbers  

Wampanoag  EcoKids  
The First Thanksgiving   NASA: Climate Kids 
Biographies for Kids   Children's Museum  Create a Graph  
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   Edheads Simple Machines  Odd/Even Activities
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US Inaugurations
Fact Monster  
NY Natural History Museum
Add/Sub Word Problems
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Primary Games: Science  Mr. Martini's Kids Classroom  



MATH - Kindergarten 

Counting, Number Concepts, and Beginning Operations
100 Chart Practice  Elmo’s Chicken Dance  Making Ten 
Before and After   Fairy Fog- Count by 2  Mend the Number Square 
Bug Catcher   Fairy Fog- Count by 10  Number Track 
Count to 100   Fishin' Mission  Pirate Counting 

Count Your Chickens  

Jumping Chicks   Squigly's Apples 
Counting Fish  Koala Carts   Walk the Dogs 
Patterns and Sorting      
ABCYa Patterns  Money Website Collection   
Attribute Game  Oscar’s Trash Collection   
Attribute Trains   Pattern Beads    
Bert’s Bottlecaps    Pattern Matcher   
Checkout Cookie  Pattern Quiz   
Elmo's Playful Pets  Zoe’s Pet Shelter    
Buried 3D Shapes  Shape Construction    
Measurement Website Collection  Shape Quiz     
Purpy's Shapes  What Am I?   
  Fraction Flags 


 NGA Kids               Garden of Praise 


 Phil Tulga   Orchestra for Children 
 Music Room for Kids   Music Tech Teacher 
Classics for Kids~ Note Names  Classics for Kids~ Compose Music 


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