Monocacy and MCPS Discipline Policy Information




 Monocacy ES Discipline Policy -English

Monocacy ES Discipline Policy - Spanish


 MCPS Policy on Bullying


  1. What will the school do when bullying is reported?
  2.  Parent & Guardian FAQs
  3. Form 230-25 Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation Reporting Form   
  4. Community Resources and Internet Sites Regarding Bullying


MCPS Guidelines for Respecting Religious Diversity:


          Spanish COMING SOON


MCPS Guidelines on Gang Activity

Code of Conduct Information

 2017-2018 Student Code of Conduct : English

 2017-2018 Student Code of Conduct:  Spanish COMING SOON


Information on Student's Rights and Responsibilities


2017-2018 Student's Rights and Responsibilities -English

 2017-2018 Student's Rights and Responsibilities   -Spanish  COMING SOON


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