Interim Principal: Dr. Carl Baskerville
Assistant Principal: Joan Vilkinofsky

School Hours: 9:25 am - 3:50 pm

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 Kindergarten Orientation
Thursday, May 19 - No School for Current Kindergarten Students
English - Non Immersion Program)

 Friday, May 20 - No School for Current Kindergarten Students
French - Language Immersion Program))  


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Choice Study Community Dialogue



Interim Principal, Dr. Carl Baskerville, with Assistant Principal, Joan Vilkinofsky

Welcome to Maryvale ES

Welcome to the Maryvale Elementary School’s website.

Our Vision:
To prepare students for successful 21st century learning, Maryvale Elementary School staff, in partnership with the community, will foster students’ social/emotional and academic success through positive relationships, equitable practices, and high expectations.

Our Mission:
Maryvale Elementary School believes that all students can and will achieve excellence through a community of learners, creating a supportive, collaborative, and engaging teaching and learning environment, a high level of achievement, rigorous and differentiated instruction, using data in our decision making process, and culturally competent classrooms.




As part of our healthy bodies, healthy world focus for the French/English Spring Break Camp, a grant spearheaded by Mme. Rouzaud was awarded to Maryvale for developing the Second Grade butterfly garden and upkeep of our existing Mayvale gardens from Stadler Nurseries of Gaithersburg.


Thank you to Lisa and all the staff from Stadler Nursery for supporting our students!!


6815 Rt. 108
Laytonsville, MD 20882



Upcoming Events


  • Family Open Library

    Join your grade level teachers as they come to the library media center for family open house.   the Maryvale ES Media Center 8:45am -- 9:25 am   Dec. 9 – Kindergaten Jan. 13 – 4 th grade Feb. 10 – 1 st grade March 9 -  2 nd grade April 13 – 3 rd grade May 11 – 5 th g

  • What's Happening In Rockville?

    October happenings in the City Of Rockville.

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