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Colonel Stevenson Reed
Senior Instructor
Classroom Teacher High


Sargent Major Arthur Hayes
Classroom Teacher High  



I would like to welcome all cadets to the 2013-2014 school year. I am cadet Lt. Colonel Catherine Moses, the battalion commander for this year. We are working very hard to make this school year like no other and are planning many great events for the cadets. Some of these events include: a trip to Antietam Battle field, an Obstacle Course/ Rappelling tower, Cadet Photos, a Fundraiser, and many more! I know that this year will be full of new experiences and I hope we can all contribute to make our battalion better than ever. 


 I would also like to present to you this year's Staff Members: 



Cadet Battalion Commander-     Catherine Moses 
Cadet Executive officer-           Alejandra Paredes
C/Sergeant Major   Elizabeth Rotz 

S-1 (Battalion Adjutant)-          

 LeoEdward Azucena

S-2 (Security Officer)-             

  Kayla Bobo

S-3 (Operation & Training Officer)-  

 Joel Villarreal
S-4 (Logistics & Supply Officer)-      Kurt Elliot
S-5 (Public Affairs)-                       Ana Ruiz Gonzalez

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