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 Principal Galit Zolkower FY17

Dear Highland View parents and families,

I want to begin by telling you what a great month we have had at Highland View.  Students have been engaged with their teachers and classmates.  They are working very hard to be good Highland View citizens and we have seen the results in the improved climate in hallways, in the lunchroom and on the playground. 

This month, I want to share with you a bit more about the way we view discipline and behavior at Highland View and what our plans are for the next year or two.

As you know, Highland View is a PBIS school.  PBIS is an acronym for the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports; its focus on teaching positive social behaviors drives our philosophy at Highland View. We believe that school is a place to learn academics and social interaction skills.  Our experience as educators and parents has taught us that children will rise to the expectations we communicate to them.  If we expect them to make poor choices, they will do that.  However, if we expect them to make positive choices and provide them with strategies to do so (the Supports part of PBIS), children will, ultimately choose to be helpful and constructive members or the community. Children have opportunities to learn through lessons from the counselor, from the classroom teacher and during classroom morning meetings

We are aware, however, that while they are learning the boundaries and expectations at school, children are bound to stumble.  This is where the Interventions of PBIS play an important role.  This may require one on one support, conferences with parents, additional support from the counselor or administrator or occasionally a behavior contract to help a student who is struggling to learn appropriate school behaviors.  For the most part, these supports and interventions are successful.  Our PBIS committee, which is made up of representatives from various grade level teams meets monthly to review discipline data and develop new strategies that target specific needs and concerns.  You can learn more about PBIS at:

A number of us have struggled to align the clip chart with the philosophy of PBIS, largely because it is not a positive intervention.  Last year, the PBIS committee began to study a well-researched program called the PAX Good Behavior Game.  In addition to focusing on positive choices, PAX teaches students self-regulation and self-control while also promoting collaboration among students and teachers to establish a peaceful and positive classroom climate. You can learn more about PAX at:  We are piloting PAX in eight classrooms this year to allow us time to study it and hone our skills.  Our goal is to implement it school-wide during the 2018-2019 school year.

We are fortunate that our students care about and are committed to taking care of each other.  Clearly, the attitude they bring to school is one that you value at home.  I want you to know we are grateful to you for that.


Galit Zolkower



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