Phone: 301-840-4567


Ms. Johnson…………….6th grade counselor Last name   A-R
Ms. Moaadel…………….7th grade counselor Last name   A-R
Ms. Merrill Oben………..6th & 7th grade counselor Last name S-Z 
Ms. Ikpemgbe…………..8th grade/resource counselor 
Ms. Pinto-Roman-Counseling secretary/registrar
Ms. Lipman-Pupil Personnel Worker 
Ms. Ronit Eshel-School Psychologist (Mon & Thurs) 

Enrollment/Registration process

Complete New Student Information form #560-24
Complete Emergency Form #565-1; Spanish version
Bring student birth certificate
Bring parent/guardian identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
Bring proof of residency (one of the following)

  • Home Owner-Current Property tax/mortgage
  • Renter-Current lease (additional info may be needed if renting more than 1 year-current utility bills)
  • Shared Housing-Form # 335-74 (must be notarized); Spanish version

Bring updated immunization

Bring updated educational plans if applicable (IEP, 504)



2017-18 Course Bulletin

Welcome Back!

This is a new year and we know that each grade level is wondering what to expect in this upcoming school year. Here are a few helpful hints:

6th graders

  • Expect to learn how to work with 7 new teachers. Each teacher has his/her own teaching styles & rules so you must learn to adjust and work with each teacher.
  • Time management. You must learn to set time aside to complete homework and projects. Learn your way around the school & make sure you are on time for class.
  • When in doubt just ask. Counselors & teachers are here to support!
  • Find a study buddy for each class. You’ll need someone to call if you’re absent or just need help!


7th graders...

  • Expect to get the job done. Complete all assignments & work hard.
  • This year grades count if you are thinking about other options for high school. This is the time to show us what you know.
  • Fine tune study & work habits. Work load will increase so be ready for this upcoming challenge.
  • Build relationships with teachers. They make great resources and recommendations.
  • Stay focused because 8th grade is around the corner.


8th graders...

  • Expect to make some big decisions. High school is on the horizon.
  • Complete applications for various high school programs.
  • High School registration
  • Continue to work hard and stay on task.
  • Get excited about end of year activities!


Counselors are happy to see you during lunch, before and after school. We can see you during class only if your teacher gives you a pass and during Viking Time.


   GMS Course Bulletin 2016-2017 

Outside Resources

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