Information regarding the new World Language Scholar program

Student Application form for the World Language Scholar Program



The World Languages Department can be reached by phone at 240-207-2365 

World Languages Staff


Maria Boichin (RT)               French 1, 2, 3H, 4H, 5         


Taryn Dennison-McCabe     Spanish 1, 2                     


Barbara Grysavage             American Sign Language 1, 2


Julie Halstead                   Spanish 1                            


Nancy Mendez                  Spanish 3H, 5, AP                 


Ximena Lindroth                Spanish 2, 3H, 4H                        Ximena V 








Grading Policy for World Languages

Montgomery County Public Schools offers a variety of world languages. While all secondary schools offer Spanish, the choice of other languages varies from school to school.


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