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All visits to colleges/universities must be pre-approved at least two days before the visit.

Only seniors and second semester juniors may go on college visits.

Click on the Attendance Policy link below for specific information.

Attendance Policy 

Churchill attendance notes must be written out and signed by a parent/guardian.  


Attendance Forms:


It is best that these are taken to the Attendance Office upon arrival to school. 


2) WCHS Attendance Appeal Form:

If you believe there is an error, and the attendance reported is inaccurate, you can submit a WCHS Attendance Appeal Form that asks for the attendance record to be changed.  Please fully complete the downloadable form and submit any additional documentation that supports the change (doctor's note, college visit itinerary, etc.)


3) Attendance Intervention Plan Form:

If a student has multiple (3-5) unexcused absences, or an equivalent number of unexcused tardies, then a conference will be held that includes the student and parent, the teacher (s) involved, the counselor, and an administrator.  The conference attendees will complete an Attendance Intervention Form to document the required plan to make-up missing work, and to ensure that the absences stop so that the student will get credit for the class. 

Double Period Classes

Double period classes count as two separate classes.  If a student is absent for the first part of the class, they will be marked accordingly.  If they are tardy for one class or leave early, only that particular class is marked as such.  

Example: Absent first half, arrived during second half.  Attendance will show AB (absent) for first part, PR (present) for second part.