Welcome to our Summer Media Program!

Our media center will be open for book circulation, a read aloud, and some community socializing every Thursday, starting June 21 through August 9. The media time begins at 10:00 AM and will end at 12:00 PM! Our read aloud will be between 10:20 and 10:30.

Please print out the Log Calendar so that your child can keep track of all the pages he/she is reading!

We will integrate our program with the Montgomery County Public Library Summer Reading Program, called "Dream Big, Read!"  

If you're heading to middle school, here's the Rocky Hill Middle School summer reading page.
Oh, and those Black-Eyed Susan nominees for next year? Check out the Picture Book selections...and the Chapter Book selections!
[with many, many thanks to Jeanette Marin, my colleague at Candlewood ES for putting these Glogsters together!]

What did Mrs. Hirschhorn read this Thursday? 

August 9 - Our final Media Day! We read two fables which have a very similar plot: Brar Rabbit and the Tar Baby by Virginia Hamilton and Love and Roast Chicken by Barbara Knudson. We hope you've enjoyed these summer media days. We look forward to receiving your summer reading logs during open house!

 August 2 We compared more "Three" stories and read The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot by Margaret McNamara and Three Hens and a Peacock by Lester Laminack. Next week in our last media day. Please make sure you bring all your media books back to be checked in -- we will need them to make sure they get into our Destiny catalog when that comes up!

 July 19: We read two "Pig Fantasy" books: Hampire by Sudipta Bardhan Quallen and Icarus Swinebuckle by Michael Garland.

July 12: We read all about dragons! First we read The Egg by M. Robertson and then we read the Black-Eyed Susan nominee, Argus by Michelle Knudsen. We talked about fantasy books, and remembered animals that come from eggs.

 July 5: We read I'll Fix Anthony by Judith Viorst; 17 Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Anymore by Jenny Offill; and School for Bandits by Hannah Shaw. We talked about having creative ideas, and how good behaviors are better than bad behaviors. 

June 28: We compared the traditional Three Little Pigs fairy tale with two stories we read:The Three Little Cajun Pigs by Mike Artell and The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Eugene Travizas.  

June 21: We read Me...Jane by Patrick McDonnell, a Black-Eyed Susan Picture Book Nominee for 2012-2013; we explored PebbleGo Biographies, which will be available to all CG students this coming school year, and read about Jane Goodall. Click here for the Osprey Webcam.


 Incoming Grade 5 and 6 Summer Book Bunch 

August 9 Our last summer book bunch meeting! We have had such fun in each other's company. There is nothing like reading a good book and sharing with co-readers! Please look for in-school book club information when we start planning for our 5th grade spring book club!

August 2 We met at the Salem Methodist Church cemetery and did a lot of discovering and detecting! We discussed the end of Here Lies Linc, and made some stone rubbings. We are going to go ahead and read as much as we can in Wild Wings by Gill Lewis. Remember to check out our Osprey Webcam to see how a real Osprey nest in England is doing! You can also go to this Osprey Webcam, set up by the University of Montana. And this video shows you how a chick is banded.

 July 19: We completed our journey through Bird's world and are starting Here Lies Linc. Please read to page 150 for next week's meeting. If you couldn't join us today, please come in any time to get your copy of the book!

 July 12: We were a smaller group today, but we covered a lot of background information to help us understand Bird's world. The PPT we watched is below for those of you who are interested in clicking on some of the links. The Jitterbug, Laurel and Hardy excerpts, and the quick dance with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire might be fun to see again! We will finish Born to Fly for next week.

Born to Fly PPT 

 July 5: Had an awesome discussion, going over the last half of our first book. Officer Doyle came by in full uniform and told us all about what it's like to be a first responder. It was so generous of him to give us his time and expertise. We are moving on to Born to Fly. If you don't have your book yet, come to school and pick one up. We are reading to page 107 for the next book club meeting!

June 28: We had a great session today, discussing the first reading assignment and had many wonderful contributions. Mr. Derby joined us! I'm linking the Power Point we used to help us get some background knowledge of the people and events to help us understand how the story is unfolding. We started looking for foreshadowing. We will finish the book for next Thursday's meeting! 

9th Ward Power Point 

June 21: We are reading Ninth Ward-- up to page 108 -- for the next meeting. We are thrilled that so many of you joined us and hope that we'll see more of you next Thursday. Come to the media center to pick up your book if you couldn't be here today. Here are some links to give you background information about our first Book Bunch Book!

Graphic of Hurricane Katrina's progress  

Hurricane Katrina Timeline 


Mrs. Hirschhorn has put a number of titles on hold at the Montgomery County Public Library. You may of course get your own copies of these books. Click here for more info about the titles we're hoping to read:

· Rhodes, Jewell Parker. Ninth Ward 

· Ferrari, Michael. Born to Fly 

· Lewis, Gill. Wild Wings  

· Ray, Delia. Here Lies Linc.