#1 *** Literature Response Journal Information (LRJ HOMEWORK) ***

Required components:


 * 1 (3 paragraph) LRJ from a Fiction/Literature text

 * 1 (3 paragraph) LRJ from a Non Fiction / Informational text

*1 (3 total word) Vocabulary Assignment (required details in the printable chart below: students can use this chart or create their own)



For those still "in progress" in our LRJ mastery.  The final fourth quarter LRJ will be due on: _____Monday 5/21______ .  This is a single, "perfect" LRJ.  You may write either from a fictional or non-fictional reading and do not need a separate vocabulary assignment, just use the BEST word choice possible.


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 LRJ Additional Resources:

 While you are working on developing your critical reader's voice through your LRJ writing, please use the following

Sentence Leads and Transitional Phrases to help your thoughts FLOW FLUENTLY.

Be sure to avoid "REALLY BAD WORDS!"


for a Proficient look at the key elements required in a 
Literature Response Journal entry.



Additional Ideas for LRJ Connections:

Comparison of story characteristics from 2 examples of the same genre

Comparison of writing techniques across 2 authors or yourself

Comparison of literary features across genres

Comparison of character change with your own life experiences

Comparison of a story's moral with one's own life

Comparing two examples of text features and their effectiveness/purpose

Comparing patterns from multiple works of the same author

Comparing patterns from multiple stories within the same series

Analyzing an author's purpose for writing against writing strategies learned in school.

Predicting plot based on your own life experiences


 Click here for the LRJ Scoring Rubric!


VOCABULARY ASSIGNMENT:   Click here for a printable Vocab Chart Template




What your reading level means?

Homework (__5/24__): 


*The Q4 LRJ was due Monday, unless you passed out of the program in the third quarter.  If you did not turn it in, starting Wednesday, one letter grade will be deducted daily.


Final Draft of Scripts 5/25

Painting Scenery (Wear painting clothes) 5/31

All Scripts are Memorized 6/1

Dress Rehearsal 6/7

Performance 6/8




DAILY READING: Read 20 minutes DAILY 


Need an idea for your next read? MCPS Good Book List for Student Readers!


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* This is the general rotation order of Literature Circle Role Sheet Jobs, but note that not all groups are large enough to have each of the jobs.  

This will help if you're absent and not sure which job you missed.


 GROUPS of 4 Students: 1) Discussion Director 2) Summarizer 3) Vocabulary Enricher 4) Character Captain

GROUPS of 5 Students: 1) Discussion Director 2) Summarizer 3) Vocabulary Enricher 4) Connector or Scene Setter 5) Character Captain

GROUPS of 6 Students: 1) Discussion Director 2) Summarizer 3) Vocabulary Enricher 4) Connector 5)  Scene Setter 6) Character Captain

GROUPS of 7 Students: 1) Discussion Director 2) Summarizer 3) Vocabulary Enricher 4) Connector 5) Illustrator 6) Scene Setter 7) Character Captain

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Homework (5/24)

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