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5th Grade Calendar:

Homework, Returned Assignments, Important Date

Graded Papers Returned by Quarter

Science: Earth and Space Sciences
What is a satellite? notecard quiz

2/15, 16, 20
Science: Engineering Design and Process
Grade from observing students working on their CubeSat project in class

Science: Earth and Space Sciences
"Vocabulary Test"
Ms. Noonan's Writing Class: Westaward Expansion final Submissions, graded by Mrs. Healy
NINE writing grades (all on the rubric stapled to the front) 
Science Rotation #1:
one more Q2 graded work from Mrs. Healy
  Ms. Noonan's Writing Class: Process, Production, and Research  
Chocolate Milk T-chart, outline, rough draft of letter to Mr. Lee
Each Science/ Social Studies Rotation:
Q2 graded work from Mrs. Healy

NEW 1/9/18 Reading ALL Rotations
Mid Year Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Short answer response
The Boy Who Cried Wolf: ABCD structured, Text Supported Response.
Reading Literature Analysis Grade
1/3/18 Reading ALL Rotations
1) Reading Language Grade: Shades of Synonyms
Deepening vocabulary by comparison across shades of synonyms
2) Reading Literature Analysis Grade: Inferring Theme and Synthesizing Thematic Messages
Text Used: The Wreck of the Zephyr
Grade 5 Math
Exit Card- Fractions with Unlike Denominators: Subtraction/Addition 
Week 5 Check for Mastery
Returned for Fraction grades
Thanksgiving Realistic Fiction Short Story
See returned rubric for narrative, writing process, and language/grammar grades.
12/20/17 Math 5/6
Graded Warm up Returned
Fraction/Ratios grade

12/18/17 Math 5/6 
Task 3 Returned 
Ratios grade

12/14/17 Reading All Rotations (3 assignments)
  1) Greek and Latin Roots Quiz: (VOCABULARY)
  a) Vocabulary Grade: GL Roots Identification side a
  b) Vocabulary Grade: GL Roots decoding strategy side b
  2) Newsela Real Life Mysteries: Why do we stay inside rollercoasters during loops? (INFORMATIONAL TEXT)
  a) Quiz score shared via Newsela student account out 4 total points
  b) Informational text analysis grade: Central Idea
  3) Inferring literary theme: King Midas and the Golden Touch
  a) Literature Reading Grade
12/8/17 Math 5/6 Task 2 Returned
Ratios Grade

12/6/17 Reading All Rotations: Several Assignments Returned
1) How does Point of View and Perspective Influence the Text Quiz
Returned via google form in Google Classroom
Literature Grade
2) ABCD Short Constructed Response: How do text features help a reader?
Non-fiction Reading grade AND Informational Writing grade
3) ABCD Short Constructed Response: Which text feature is most helpful?
Non-fiction Reading grade AND Opinion Writing Grade
4) ABCD Short Constructed Response: Is it a myth?
Literature Reading Grade and Opinion Writing Grade?
5) Decoding New Roots Word Strategy Practice
Reading: Language Grade

11/28/17 Compacted Math

Task 1 Assessment: Ratios and Proportional Relationships

MT: Ratios and Proportional Relationships


11/20/17 Math 5

Formative Assessment Week 1

Two grades: Number and Operations Base Ten: Partial Quotients and Standard Algorithm for Multiplication


11/16/17 Compacted Math

Ratios Exit Card

Ratios and Proportional Relationships


11/15/17 Reading All Rotations
Informational Reading Grade: Central Idea of an article
Quiz score shared in student Newsela accounts
Article: Overview of Westward Expansion

Second Quarter Returned Work (above):



11/13/17 ALL GRADE 5 WRITING students (all homerooms)

1) 2 OREO structured short answer opinion writing examples (Opinion Writing Grade)

2) Q1 Personal Narratives: Final Draft Extended Rubric (multiple grades, see rubric)




11/10/17 Compacted Math
Converting Feet to Yards Quiz
Measurement and Data
11/10/17 Compacted Math
Division Quiz (9 problems multiple choice)
Number and Operations Base Ten
11/10/17 Math 5
Adding and Subtracting Decimals (story problems)
Number and Operations Base Ten




11/6/17 Reading ALL ROTATIONS

The Lion and the Mouse: Reading and Response (SLO: Student Learning Text Support Outcome)

Literature Analysis grade


11/6/17 Reading ALL Rotations

John Henry Tall Tale: Identification of the plot diagram

Literature Analysis grade


11/6/17 Reading ALL Rotations

Newsela: Scientists study distant planets short answer response

Informational text analysis grade


11/03/17 Reading All ROTATIONS

Informational Text Analysis: Text Structure

Newsela article on a Cat's Purr

Score published in student Newsela account

4 of 4: A / 3 of 4: B / 2 of 4: C / 1 of 4: D


11/01/17 Math 5


Mastery Check Week 7: Adding and Subtracting Decimals
Number and Operations Base Ten
10/31/17 Compacted Math
Mastery Check: Multiplying Decimals
Number and Operations Base Ten


10/26/17 Reading ALL ROTATIONS

Literature Analysis Grade

Students can make a text supported inference: Inferring Theme (Mike Fink)



10/25/17 Reading ALL ROTATIONS


Q1 Literature Response Journal Returned
Grades apply to Literature, Informational Analysis, and Language/Vocabulary
See accompanying rubrics and teacher feedback

10/23/17 Math 5
Number and Operations Base Ten
Mastery Check - Comparing and Rounding Decimals
10/23/17 Reading
Informational Text Analysis Grade
Newsela Article: Quiz on Word Meaning and Text Evidence
Score shared through Newsela
4 of 4: A / 3 of 4: B / 2 of 4: C / 1 of 4: D
10/23/17 Compacted Math
Two Grades: Number and Operations Fractions and Measurement & Data (Measurement and Probability) 
Dividing Fractions Mastery Check Week 7
10/17/17 Math 5
Mastery Check Week 6 Decimals to the Thousandths
Number and Operations Base Ten
10/16/17 Compacted 5/6 Math
Number and Operations Fractions
Dividing Fractions Mastery Check Week 6
10/12/17 Math 5
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Exit Card: Writing and Evaluating Numerical Expressions


10/12/17 Reading All Rotations

Literature Grade

Characteristics of the Adventure Genre Quiz

10/10/17 Math 5
Week 4 Expressions Mastery Check
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
10/9/17 Compacted Math
Week 4 Mastery Check
Number and Operations Fractions
10/5/17 Compacted Math
Yellow Notecard: Standard Algorithm 216 x 39
Number and Operations Base Ten


10/3/17 Compacted 5/6 Math
Multiplying Fractions Mastery Check Week 3 
Number and Operations Fractions
10/3/17 Math 5
Volume Mastery Check Week 3
2 Grades-
Measurement and Data & Number and Operations Base Ten
10/2/17 Ms. Noonan's Writing Class
Process, Production, and Research
blue "Exit Card" notecard
9/30/17 Social Studies: History
Spelling City "The British Colonies" 10 activities

I gave the students two extra days since I wasn't in school.

Completed all 10 activities = A

Completed all 8-9 activities = B

Completed all 6-7 activities = C

Completed 5 or fewer activities = D

Please ask your child to see his/her completed Spelling City activities on the computer.


Math 5: Number and Operations Base Ten

Exit Card: Standard Algorithm



Reading All Rotations

Literature Analysis grade

Exit card with score from observation assessment

Can the student make a proper, text supported inference?


Compacted Math: Number and Operations Fractions & Number and Operations Base Ten

Multiplying Fractions with Models & Multiplying with the Algorithm

Two grades are given on the back of assessment



Social Studies: Economics & History

Students received a 1/3 sheet in class today with the grade they received for their Colonial Region Informative Presentation.



Social Studies: Economics 

British Colonial Times Quiz

Score:     /10

Please ask your child to show you this quiz in his/her Google Rotation Classroom. Click on Google Form (link is blue when you hover over it). Click on “View your score” in purple. It will show all 10 questions, your child’s responses, and the correct answer for each of the ten multiple choice questions.

9/19/17 Math 5
End of Week Assessment: Standard Algorithm (multiplication)
Numbers and Operations: Base Ten
9/18/17 Compacted 5/6 Math
Quiz: Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers
Numbers and Operations: Fractions
9/15/17 Ruk Writing Only
Quotation Marks/Speech tags Exit Card
Graded Indicator: Use of Language
9/14/17 Compacted 5/6 Math
Multiplying Fractions Exit Card  
Number and Operations: Fractions


Ms. Noonan's Writing Class 3 graded items
Jumanji Plot Diagram: Process, Production, and Research

Punctuating Dialogue Notecard Quiz (blue notecard): Use of Language

Punctuating Dialogue (punctuate 3 sentences): Use of Language

Access Google Classroom:

2. Click on the blue button that says "Sign In" to Google Classroom
3. Log in with the same information that you use at school - student#@mcpsmd.net and your password

Access Google Drive:

2. Log in with the same information that you use at school - student#@mcpsmd.net and your password    

**2017 - 2018 PATROLS**


Paragraph should include

Why do you feel you would be a strong candidate for a safety patrol? 

What are some characteristics you possess that make you a qualified candidate?   

Give examples of how you best exemplify these traits.


In addition, you will earn your Patrol Badge once you:

* recite the Patrol Pledge (see below) 

* pass the test demonstrating knowledge of the Patrol Duties (see below)

* demonstrate that you know how to fold your patrol belt


Patrol Pledge


report for duty on time,

perform my duties faithfully,

strive to prevent accidents, always setting a good example myself,

obey my teachers and officers of the patrol,

report dangerous student practices,

strive to earn the respect of fellow students.


Patrol Reminders

Look, act, and be alert.

Report for duty on time.

Always set a good example.

Know and practice safe walking rules.

Never stop cars.

Perform your patrol duties faithfully.

Be neat and clean while on duty.

Be dependable and trustworthy.

Be courteous and polite at all times.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Wear your belt and badge proudly.

Remind schoolmates of safe walking rules without being bossy.

Give correct crossing signals to classmates.

Obey rules of the patrol, school, and home.