Folk Tales 2015


Ms. Matin's Class Ms. Mansour's Class Mr. Bledsoe's Class Ms. Thompson's Class Ms. Kiarie's Class
Witch and Wiser  Sisters at Last  How Birds Got Their Wings   Why Snakes Are Poisonous     
Unicorn  How the Rhino Got Its Horn      How Black Bears Got Their Fur     How Cheetahs Run Fast   
  Water Guardian  How Bunnies Got Their Long Ears     How Chipotle Came to Be   
  Life Being a Princess  How Deer Got Their Horns  How Food Came to Be   
  Vanna and her Castle  How Rabbits Got Their Tails  How Monkeys Came to Be   
  Love  How Dogs Bark  How Movies Came to Be   
  13 Secrets  How Dragons Got Their Flame
How Plant Life Came to Be   
  Unknown Magical Power  How Elephants Got Their Tails  How Rainbows Came to Be   
  Khumba  How Giraffes Got Their Long Necks  How Snow Came to Be   
  Plain Story  How Owls Got Their Beaks  How Thanksgiving Came to Be      
    How Peacocks Got Their Tails  How the Earth Came to Be   
    How the Cheetah Got Its Speed    How Tigers Got Their Stripes   
    How the Lion Got Its Roar   How Popcorn Was Made   
    How the Sky Became Blue  How Water Came to Be   
    How the Snapping Turtle Got Its Snap      How Zebras Got Their Stripes   
    How Toads Croak  How Lions Got Their Roar   
    How Trees Got Their Branches  Why Cats and Dogs Fight   
    Why Bats Fly at Night  Why Brothers Aren't Fun   
    Why Cheetah's Run Fast    Why Brothers Fight   
    Why Elephants Have Long Trunks  Why Camels Have a Hump   
    Why Do Penguins Have Black and White Feathers?     Why Cats and Dogs Fight   
    Why Parrots Talk  Why Lions Have Manes   
    Why Pandas Have Stumpy Tails     
    Why Some Bears Are Black     



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