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There are many valuable resources on the internet for practicing Spanish. Here are a few websites you can use at home to strengthen and practice vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.  Each website has a range of skills from early Kindergarten to more advanced grammar skills so browse each website to see what you can use with your child.  We will be updating the list as we find more helpful resources.   


 NOTE:  If you are having trouble with the links, cut and paste the website into the browser and it should work. - for a little challenge. Play these scholastic games to strengthen your reading skills and more advanced vocabulary, especially in science.  Great for older grades! - basic skills for beginners.  Great for Kindergarteners. - PBS is Spanish! phrases, words, and games to practice the Spanish language. - games to practice vocabulary and grammar - practice Spanish vocabulary in a fun way. Categorized by themes and grade levels. – great practice for all ages. Has audio. - vocab, grammar practice - tutorials, lessons, games to practice Spanish vocabulary and grammar. - lessons and quizzes on many grammar and vocabulary topics. - games related to Spanish vocab. – activities to test your knowledge on conjugating verbs, vocabulary and grammar. - vocabulary & verb conjugation practice - grammar assistance and conjugation - vocabulary with LISTENING for help with pronunciation!

Kindergarten Resources

Last updated June 2016