Welcome to Brooke Grove Elementary


Dear Brooke Grove Families, 

We are so excited to welcome you and your students to Brooke Grove Elementary for the 2017-18 school year. We have a wonderful staff who are ready to provide your family with a positive school experience including learning, relationships, respect, excellence, and equity.  

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                                                                Our Vision

 Brooke Grove Elementary is a collaborative community committed to the development of a positive learning environment that values diversity, respects the individual as well as the group, and inspires intellectual and personal growth.  

Mission: We are a diverse learning community committed to educating our children in a positive and safe environment that fosters respect and acceptance. We are dedicated to motivating every student to achieve his/her highest emotional, social and academic potential. As role models, we will hold ourselves accountable for planning, measuring, and achieving our desired goals through communication, collaboration, and support of one another



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Join us tonight,  April 10, 2018 for our Chick Filet Fundraiser. 5:00PM-8:00PM

Parade of Nations

We had a BGES Parade of Nations Friday Feb. 23 in school so that all students could participate in a celebrations of culture. Students made flags and marched through the school to view the wonderful culture posters made by our students. See the pictures below


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Variety Show packet April 13 & 14

Permission to Ride your bicycle to school form

Photography form to not allow my child to be photographed during school acitivites, field trips etc..

Internet Policy Form 



Look at all the exciting things we have planned for this year.

School Calendar 2017-2018    


  Prices for cafeteria and information about the online payment program.

  Please remember you have to enroll every year in the Free and reduced meal program.



Please call TO ENROLL your child if they will be 5 by Sept. 1.

To see if you live in the school district to attend Brooke Grove Elementary please CLICK HERE

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                    Exterior of Brooke Grove ES    

                                                                Our Vision

Our vision is for Brooke Grove to be a place that every child, every staff member, and every community member wants to come each day and knows that they will be well loved, safe, respected, and welcomed, and they know it is a place of high level of teaching and learning. We appreciate the opportunity to work in such a wonderful and diverse school and community among professionals who truly work as a family and a professional learning community, and with such dedicated and interested parents. Together, we will be a team to work in the best interest of each and every child and do whatever it takes to ensure their success. Our goal is provide a quality instructional program that inspires and delivers rigor, relationships, relevance, and engagement! We look forward to working together as partners to achieve these goals.