Staff Appreciation Gift 2015


The B-CC PTSA's mission is to support the Teachers, Students & Parents at B-CC High School

We organize communication and interaction among parents, students, and staff including: We develop programs to enable parents & students to make informed choices including:
  • B-CC Net listserv
  • Welcome Evening
  • Back to School Night
  • Grade-level network
  • Colllege Advisory Committee (CAC)
  • Student Directory
  • Student Handbook/Planner
  • PTSA webpage
  • Wellness Committee
  • Monthly programs on critical topics such as driving, study skills, substance abuse, mental health, internet safety
  • Annual series on college admissions & financial aid
  • Outreach to traditionally underrepresented groups through the Diversity Parents'Council, and our Latino representatives. 
We support B-CC High School activities by providing resources including: 
  • Volunteer network to support staff needs
  • Teacher grants for staff development & classroom programs
  • Student recognition events
  • Staff appreciation
  • After Prom – a safe, no-cost post-prom party for all seniors

As a member of the B-CC PTSA you become part of the county, state, and national PTA network, which advocates for children and education at every level of government. We hold several fund-raising events such as our annual used book sale, courtyard brick sales, and participation in grocery rebate programs, throughout the year to support our many activities. The PTSA provides an abundance of volunteer (and social) opportunities for parents & guardians, enabling them to form closer connections with the school, the community, & other parents. The success of our PTSA depends on committed parents - please get involved!!!