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Principal, 240-740-0405, Dr. Donna Redmond Jones - Responsible for the following departments: Addition, Awards Assembly, Business Office, Clubs/ECA, Foundation, Media Center, PTSA, Resource Teachers, Safety & Security, Staff Development, SGA Student Government Association


Assistant Principal, 240-740-0400, Ms. Amy Councilman - Responsible for students in the 12th grade


Assistant Principal, 240-740-0400, Mr. Sharif Robinson- Responsible for students in 11th Grade


Assistant Principal, 240-740-0400, Ms. Brandi Heckert - Responsible for students in 9th Grade 


Assistant School Administrator, 240-740-0400, Mr. Sam Levine - Responsible for students in 10th Grade


School Business Administrator, 240-740-0415, Mrs. Pat Gamage (Substitute) - Responsible for the following departments: Allocations/Budget, Building Maintenance, Building Services, Building Use, Data Analysis, Facilities Manager, Financial Office/Obligations, Food Services, Foundation Finance, Purchasing.


School Financial Specialist, Mrs. Audrey Liebeskind 

 Office, B112 240-740-0417



MAIN OFFICE, B100, 240-740-0400 

Mrs. Joan Black, Administrative Secretary 

  • Ms. Sonia Matus, School Secretary II
  • Ms. Suzanne Marcou, School Secretary I
  • Ms. Denise Alexander, Attendance Secretary

ATTENDANCE OFFICE, B106, 240-740-0409, Fax: 301-657-4946                   

Attendance Note

Attendance Appeal

2017-2018 Policies and Procedures



Attendance Secretary Joanne Coley

Attendance Notes must include

o Student Name, ID number, Grade

o Reasons for absence

o Parent Signature and daytime phone number

o Notes must have a parent’s signature

o Scanned documents or photos of written notes with signature are accepted

Tardiness, Unexcused absence and Loss of Credit

o 3 unexcused tardies equal one unexcused absence

o 5 unexcused absences can result in loss of credit

Late Arrival

o Student must sign in.

Early Departures

o Student must have a note from parent/guardian stating student I.D., reason, date and time of departure.

o Student must take the note to the attendance office in the morning, prior to leaving.

o Student must sign out.

Full Day-Absences

o When student returns to school from an all-day absence, s/he must bring a note to the attendance office within 3 school days.

MCPS Excused Absences

1. Death in Family

2. Illness of student (doctor’s note required after 5 days)

3. Court summons (proof required)

4. Medical appointments

5. Suspension

6. Observance of religious holiday

7. State emergency

8. Authorized activity approved in advance

9. Violent/hazardous weather

10. Lack of MCPS transportation


o Vacations are not excused absences.

o Attendance is taken in each period. An automated calling system notifies parents if a student is unexcused from any period of the day.

o No phone calls necessary when students are absent. Bring in a note upon returning to school.

o All absences are considered unexcused until a student presents a note, signed by his or her parent, to the attendance office. The student is responsible for carrying out this procedure. Whenever possible, use the B-CC Attendance Note.


*For more information, contact Attendance Secretary

SECURITY OFFICE,  B110, 240-740-0400 

The Security Team

Ms. Karen Curry, Security Team Leader

Ms. Terri Bradley

Mr. James Cunningham

Mr. Matt Shipe

Mr. Ray Gray

For more information,  see the Security Team Web page

B-CC Cluster

Associate Superintendent,

     Dr. Darryl Williams,   301-315-7379

Administrative Secretary to Dr. Darryl Williams

     Marianne Hamerski 301-315-7370

Director of School Support and Improvement

     Mrs. Jennifer Webster  301-315-7368

Administrative Secretary to Mrs. Jennifer Webster

    Terri Howells, 301-315-7377


Pupil Personnel Services

Chris Pellicoro,, Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)

School Psychological Services

Rachel Lindenfeld,

Disciplinary Review & School Assignment Unit