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Students in Grade 5 may volunteer to participate in the Westover Chorus.  Practice is once a week for 50 minutes.  This is in addition to their regular music class.  There is not a report card grade attached to the chorus program.  It is expected that students participate in the two concerts, winter and spring.   If students opt out of chorus, they will remain in their classes during practice.  An Honors Chorus is also available, through auditions.   

Instrumental Music

 Students in Grades 4 and 5 may select an instrument of their choice to play at the beginning of each school year.   In the fall, they attend an assembly that introduces them to the various instruments that are available in band and orchestra.  Depending on a student’s ability, they will be in a beginning group or advanced group.  Instruction is once a week for 30 minutes during the school day.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is an incentive program used to encourage students to do as much reading as possible during their free time.  The Accelerated Reader Program is a multi-level approach that is good for readers at all levels.  An informational letter goes home to each child in Grades 2-5 in the fall explaining the program in more detail.

Achievement Counts! Awards 

Perfect Attendance-Given quarterly to students with no absences.

Citizenship-Given quarterly to one student per class who has demonstrated good citizenship.

Homework Heros and Heroines-Given quarterly to students who have completed their homework assignments.

Fact Attack-Given quarterly to students that have obtained a predetermined level of success on their weekly Fact Attack quizzes.

Word of the Day-Given quarterly to students who have known the definition for the announced word and are the Word Wizard on Fridays.

Accelerated Reader-Given quarterly to students in Grades 2-5 who have met or exceeded the grade level point goal.

Westover News Network-Given at the end of the year to those students that will be working on WNN.

Patrols-Given at the end of the year to those students who are patrols.

Bringing Up Grades (BUG) Club-Given quarterly, starting with Quarter 2, to those students who have brought up two grades or more on their report card.

Westover Wallaby Chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society

The National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) chapter of Westover Elementary School is a duly chartered and affiliated chapter of this prestigious national organization.  General standards for selection are established by the national office of NEHS and have been revised to meet the needs of our school and fall within our strategic goals.  Our NEHS chapter conducts its selection procedures during the first semester of each school year.

Students in Grades 4 and 5 are eligible for membership.  For the Scholarship criterion, a student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or better on a 4.0 scale.  Students who meet this criterion are invited to complete a Candidate’s Form that provides the Faculty Council with evidence of the candidate’s Responsibility at home, at school, and in the community. The Candidate Forms are carefully reviewed by the Faculty Council to determine membership.  A majority vote of the council is necessary for selection.  Candidates are notified regarding selection or nonselection according to a predetermined schedule established by the chapter.

Once students are NEHS members, they are expected to participate in quarterly service projects throughout the year.  Those projects may be based in the school or may be located in the community.  Another expectation for the members is that they maintain their success in academics and behavior.  If either falls below expectation, members are given a verbal warning, as well as a formal letter indicating where improvement needs to be made.  The member is given an academic quarter to improve.  If improvement has not been made, the student will come before the Faculty Council to determine if he/she will continue in the NEHS.


Safety Patrols

The Westover Elementary School Safety Patrol consists of Grade 5 students. They are chosen on the basis of achievement, responsibility, and cooperation. At the end of each school year, Grade 4 students are invited to write a short essay if they’d like to be a patrol and why they think they would be effective.  Then each student is interviewed by the Patrol Sponsor and another staff member.  Students are notified before the end of the year and spend a week shadowing a Grade 5 patrol to learn about the duties and responsibilities.

Westover Student Council

The Westover Student Council is composed of two representatives from each classroom from Grades 2 to 5. At the beginning of each school year, through the campaign and election process, the student body elects a student board which includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Meetings are held regularly throughout the school year. Students develop leadership and organizational skills as well as speaking and writing skills through participation in this student body.  


WNN: Wallaby News Network

Twice a week, a TV crew of 5th graders start Westover's school day. The WNN TV crew contribute to the daily script: the weather forecast, lunch menu, special announcements, and student birthdays. Each crew member learns every role of the morning's production: camera, talent, teleprompter operator, audio, computer graphics operator, tape technician, graphics operator, special announcers, and floor director. Students apply to become members of the studio crew. They tape the Student Council elections and other special events that are aired during the morning announcements. 

How do you become a member of the Wallaby News Network (WNN) crew?

Fifth grade students are eligible to become members of the WNN crew.  The WNN sponsor is looking for responsible and respectful students who are willing to:  speak in front of a camera, work with a team of fellow students, work with television equipment, and be able to arrive at school at 8:50 a.m.  Applications and permission slips will be given out in the spring of Grade 4.  The sponsor and selection committee will then interview each student for eligibility


Field Day

Field Day occurs at the end of each school year on two different mornings in June, one for Primary grades and one for Intermediate grades.  During Field Day, students rotate through a variety of PE activities that they’ve learned throughout the year. 





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