About Westover Elementary School

Tucked away in a quiet, tree lined area of Silver Spring called Sherwood Forest, Westover Elementary School supports a diverse population of Kindergarten through fifth grade children, plus the Pre-K Language Class and students with Autism.

Opened in 1967, Westover underwent a complete modernization in 1997. A new gymnasium was added in 1999, and computer technology was upgraded in 2013. Students can use the computers and printers in their classrooms as well as in the computer lab and the media center.


 At Westover Elementary School, we collaborate to inspire our students to be creative problem solvers and lifelong learners.  We promote a respectful, equitable atmosphere that elevates academic excellence and social emotional growth for all.


Our Westover Elementary School Mission is to be a model center of learning where:

  • Respect and cooperation is valued and encouraged.
  • Every student is instilled with a life-long love of learning.
  • Parents and staff are committed to supporting students as they strive to reach their full potential.
  • Teachers and staff are valued and are dedicated to on-going professional development.
  • Community members know that their investments of time and resources endow society with responsible, well-educated young citizens


Homework Policy K-2

Click here to download a Word document for the Homework Policy for K-2.

Homework Policy 3-5

  Click here to download a Word document for the Homework Policy for 3-5.

Discipline Policy

Click here to download a pdf of the Discipline Policy.

Westover Elementary School believes that a clear discipline policy is an important part of our school program of excellence.  Our beliefs about discipline include the following:

  • We expect responsible decision-making.
  • We set a good example.
  • We expect students to show respect.
  • We change behavior with positive methods.
  • We share high expectations with our students.

Our expectations are based on showing respect for individuals, and property of others.  We strive to use firm, fair, and consistent rules and consequences for our school and the school community that will result in a change in behavior using positive methods. 

As stated in the MCPS no tolerance policy…

Acts of hate/violence, including but not limited to verbal abuse, slurs, threats, physical violence or conduct, vandalism or destruction of property, directed against persons because of their race, religion, national origin, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or disability will not be tolerated.


General School Rules 

  1. Be respectful.
  2. Be safe.
  3. Be prepared.


Cafeteria Rules

  1. Raise your hand if you need assistance.
  2. Talk only to the children at your table.
  3. Remain seated unless given permission to get up.
  4. Eat your own lunch.
  5. Clean the area around your table


Playground/Recess Rules  

  1. Return to building only with a pass from the outside monitors.
  2. Sticks, rocks, dirt, snowball and other objects should be left on the ground. 
  3. Line up immediately when the whistle blows.
  4. Show good sportsmanship and practice inclusive fair play.
  5. Be visible to an adult


Hallway Rules

  1. Walk quietly in the halls.
  2. Obtain a pass before leaving your classroom.
  3. Report directly to your assigned location.


Bus Rules

  1. Wait in orderly lines at a safe distance from the bus when it stops, and then enter the bus.
  2. Enter the bus quietly and proceed directly to a seat.
  3. Remain in your seat.
  4. Keep hands and arms inside the bus.
  5. Keep the bus aisle clear of lunch boxes, musical instruments, books, etc.
  6. Eating and drinking on the bus are prohibited.


Dismissal Rules

  1. Walk quietly directly to the All Purpose Room for bus departure; the gym for Kids After Hours; hallway for car dismissal when called.
  2. Sit on the assigned floor bus line until dismissal if riding a bus.

Classroom Rules   

  1. Listen when others are talking.
  2. Raise your hand before you speak.
  3. Bring in and maintain all necessary materials.

Action Plan 

The following plan is intended to provide a consistent course of action in treating most infractions.

  1. Teacher/student conference
  2. Counselor conference with student
  3. Teacher /Staff contact parent
  4. Parent/Teacher/Student conference
  5. Student referral to principal

If a student’s behavior interferes with the safety or education of others, the administrator and teacher will decide on a plan of action.  Listed below are actions that may be taken, including:

  1. Time out of the situation, for a few minutes or longer – depending on the age of the child and the type of infraction.
  2. Writing (or dictating) a letter of explanation or apology.
  3. Loss of privilege, temporary or permanent.
  4. Counseling provided by the guidance counselor.
  5. Parent notification by teacher or principal.
  6. Parent conference required at school.
  7. Removal from school for the rest of the day.
  8. Suspension from school (1 to 5 days for each offense).
  9. Expulsion from school/police notification.

When misbehavior continues, disciplinary actions taken will often increase in severity.  Listed below are behavior definitions with suggested consequences.  The measures at the end of the list are reserved for serious or repetitive discipline infractions.  Out of school suspensions may only be given when it is determined by the principal that a behavior is disruptive and detrimental to the operation of the school.


Countywide Discipline Infractions

Offenses with a Range of Consequences






1.Disruptive classroom/school

behavior (e.g., excess noise in halls or lavatories, throwing objects)

Teacher conference


2. Disruptive lunchroom behavior - (ignoring cafeteria rules).

Teacher conference

Loss of privilege

3. Disruptive bus behavior as reported by driver.

Teacher conference

Loss of privilege

4. Inappropriate or unsafe playground behavior

Time out

Loss of privilege

5. Fighting; (striking, biting, kicking,


Parent notification by principal




6. Verbal abuse (profanity, name calling, teasing)

Teacher conference

Removal from school for rest of day

7. Insubordination (willfully disregarding the directions of a staff member)

Parent notification




8. Unexcused tardiness to school

Parent notification by teacher

Parent conference required


9. Leaving building or school grounds without permission.

Parent notification


Parent conference required

10. Skipping school (truancy)

Parent notification


Parent conference


11. Theft or vandalism

Teacher conference

Suspension, notification of police

12. Extortion (requesting that a child give something to avoid being hurt)

Parent notification

by principal


13. Purposely striking, biting, or kicking a staff member

Removal from school for rest of day


14. Possession of a dangerous weapon


Expulsion/ Police


15. Possession of alcohol or other drugs










Westover is involved in the Baldrige Guided School Improvement Process. Baldrige is a self-assessment process that focuses on continuous improvement in student achievement. The stakeholders - school leadership team, staff and parents - are participating in training to better understand the process as a planning tool.

Inclement Weather

On inclement days, school may open late or dismiss early. Announcements concerning opening and closing of school are made over the radio by MCPS Central Office. Emergency closings during school hours are also announced on the radio (WTOP), MCPS Cable TV (Channel 34), and on the web.  Children are dismissed at the announced time. When schools are closed for the day or closed early in the afternoon, all scheduled activities are automatically canceled.

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