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Special education services through  PEP may be recommended for children based upon their approved IEPs.  Children may be eligible for these services following their third birthday.  Related services may also be provided.  

Enrolling at Stone Mill    
A week or two before a child is to begin  PEP, set up a visit.  This way, the child can warm-up to his/her new classroom and friends!  Also, parents are asked to stop by Stone Mill’s  office with a copy of their child’s birth certificate, immunization records, and proof of residence (i.e. a cable bill).

School Calendar    
Information on the PEP calendar, school delays, closings, and early dismissals is available on MCPS Cable Channel 34 & 36 and on the MCPS Web Home Page.  PEP Classic, PEP Beginnings, PEP Comprehensive, and PEP INC may not follow the regular school calendar, so please be sure to ask your child’s teacher.


A Day in the Life

Table Time
Table time allows the children opportunity to work on self-help skills.  As able, children come into the room, say hello, hang up bookbags and coats, and choose an independent activity.  This also gives the teacher and paras time to check for notes from home and work on self-help and/or readiness skills on a one-on-one basis.  

Circle Time
Circle Time is a whole group lesson, usually a sequence of routine activities and songs (i.e. greeting, recognizing names, calendar and weather).  This is a time for children to work on remaining seated and attending to an activity, among other skills.  Activities are fast-paced and each student gets frequent opportunities to participate! 

Choice and Work Centers    
In the PEP classrooms, a whole language approach is utilized.   While the entire class is introduced to a monthly theme during Circle Time, Choice and Work Centers allow the children to work on more specific skills and may vary to meet individual needs.  Choice centers may include a Social & Housekeeping Center, Block & Building Center, Computer Center, Book & Reading Center, Math & Manipulative Center, Science & Sensory Center, and Art & Writing Center.  Work centers may include readiness, speech/language, and fine/gross motor activities.   

Snack Time    
Daily Snack Time provides nourishment before the student heads home and also facilitates a relaxed group setting.  Simple snacks may be prepared by the children or shared with the group.  Snack Time allows students the opportunity to pass out  items one-to-one.  It is a chance to reinforce eating skills and table manners.  This is a time when “please” and “thank you” can be encouraged!

What We Did Today
At the end of the day, the children reflect on their adventures and successes to share at home!