Kindergarten-Second Grade   

General Resources:


Curriculum Guide  


Word Wall  

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Suggested Reading  

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We Give Book  


Primary Assessments/Testing: 


 mClass Reading  

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Terra Nova  

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Sample Leveled Text  

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Reading Targets  


Online Reading Sites

 Tumble Books 

Tumble Books  

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Book Builder  



Toon Reader  



Aesop's Fables  


Scholastic News  


Books for smart & confident girls 


(Requires Library Card) 

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Author Studies  


Reading Comprehension Sites:


Read-A-Loud (N.F.)  


Between the Lions 


Read with Clifford 


Parts of a Book 

Book Pals

Rdg 2 

It's Fun to Read  

Starfall Tales





Barnes and Nobles 


Finding Facts (NF)  





Letter Identification Games:


Starfall-Learn ABC 


Whack-A-Mole-ABC Order 


Alphabet-ABC Order 

  Clifford's Letter Sort 


 Letter Matching 


Letter matching 



Literacy Center  


Printable Alphabet Cards 


Letter/Word Sounds 


Sight Word Game 


Beg. Sounds 


Match Sounds/Words 


Beg & End Sounds 




Sound Matching 


List of Rhyming Games 


Word Sound Sorts 



Building Sentences:







Writing Friendly Letters   Rags to Riches  

 Grammar Gold 

The Magic Key  


Writing and Spelling


Story Starters 


 Spell with Leo 

Spelling City 

Spelling City  

Comic Creator

Monster Hangman


Handwriting Strokes 

Keyboarding Practice        


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