3Grade 3

Homerooms: Mrs. Valerie Coll, Ms. Amy Harding, Mrs. Susan Higgins, Ms. Veronica Munoz, Ms. Celia Taylor

Learning Center: Mrs. Brenda Villalta, Mrs. Brianna Savadow

Special Education: Ms. Sarah Beall-Ellersick

ESOL: Ms. Sandra Aresta 


 3rd Grade Team



Parent Links and Resources

2016-2017 Back to School Night Presentation


MAP Reading Practice


This is a website that gives students practice in questions that mirror format and content on MAP-R tests


MAP Math Practice


This is a website that gives students practice in questions that mirror format and content on MAP-M tests


Math Fact Cafe


A great FREE website for students to use to practice basic math computation and other skills.  You can practice on-line or print out worksheets and flashcards!


Building Big 


This site offers lots of science and engineering information for younger students along with resources to understand how large structures are designed, built and function.




Science interested kids will be challenged by the content but not the ideas behind learning how to understand our physical world and what the science of Physics is all about.


Spelling City


Lots of lists and games to practice from around the country – search by grade level and work on basic words, content words and challenging vocabulary


Parent's Guide to Student Success 


A guide prepared by the National PTA to help parents understand the Common Core State Standards for third grade students



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