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General Web sites

NASA Home Page -- Learn all about space and space flight; lots of neat pictures.

White House Home Page -- Learn all about the Presidency, the White House, and the government; recent events are covered; history of the Presidents and their families; special Kids' White House section.

Smithsonian Online -- Links to all the Smithsonian Museums and the National Zoo; great pictures and learning opportunities.

FCC Kidszone - The FCC kids’ zone is a safe place for children of all ages to learn fun facts about the telephone, satellites, fax machines, computers, television, radio and much, much more. Guided by their mascot “Broadband” you can learn about the FCC, find out how things work, check out rumors, find out what some tough words mean, and learn how things they use everyday were invented.

In addition to all the above, the Web site contains lots of interactive games and puzzles, surveys, telecom factoids and much more.   It provides a useful tool for children to learn about the FCC and let the FCC know what’s on their minds and the site will reflect their input. 

Map Blast -- Create a street map for any address.

Invention Dimension -- This is an invention resource from MIT for anyone who wants to learn about American inventors and their discoveries.

The Friends of the National Zoo Kid's Page All kinds of cool animal things for kids!

National Gallery of Art - View the Exhibit At the Arts

Aunt Annie's Craft Page - All kinds of neat craft things to do, from paper airplanes to piñatas.