Counselor's Corner 


 When do I see the Counselor?

 When I want to talk about…  

  • Friendship problems 
  • Study Skills 
  • New situations 
  • Difficult decisions 
  • Good news 
  • School problems 
  • Death or illness 
  • Family concerns or changes 
  • Any other concern from child, parent, or teacher 
  • Accomplishments and successes 


 Who is our school counselor?

       Mrs. Kane provides counseling for all students.  These services help children develop academically, personally, and socially.


  How do I see the School Counselor?

  • My teacher can ask the counselor to see me 
  • My parents can ask the counselor to see me 
  • I can put a note under the counselor’s door 
  • I can ask my teacher if I can see the counselor 
  • I can stop by the counselor’s office 




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