Spanish Honor Society / La Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

Sponsor: Ms. Vakas
Room: 1027

Monthly meeting: first Tuesday of every month
Tutoring (every Tuesday and Thursday during lunch in room 1027 - sign up for points)


Spanish Honor Society is open to all students who are currently enrolled in Spanish 2 and above. These students must have a Spanish GPA of 3.5 (-A) and above and an overall GPA of 3.0 and above. Additionally, applicants must show interest in the Spanish language by participating in at least two Spanish Club activities (ej: canned food drive and salsa night) and earning at least 100 points throughout the year. Current members must also earn 100 points annually and participate in at least two activities.


The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese founded the Spanish Honor Society in 1953 for the students of North American secondary schools, and the RHS chapter was established in 2008. The name of this chapter is Salvador Dalí and our motto is Todos a Una.

In addition to monthly meetings, the Spanish Honor Society plans and carries out various activities each year. Past activities have included:

  • Movie Day/Dinner Out
  • Children's Day
  • Toy Drive/Winter Coat Drive
  • Tuesday Tutoring
  • Mural Project/International Night 
  • Induction Ceremony

Opportunities for leadership are also available. Each year members elect a President, Secretary, and Treasurer who direct and help carry out the monthly meetings and various activities in cooperation with the club members and sponsors.


Spanish Honor Society meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month during lunch. Meetings are held to plan and carry out the activities listed above. Attendance is mandatory. Missing any three meetings in one year is grounds for disciplinary action. For a list of meetings, please see your club leaders.


Being a member of the Spanish Honor Society is a privilege given only to those members who have shown their dedication to the Spanish language through academic excellence and pursuit of extra opportunities to use the language. This honor society offers an advanced level of activities and companionship to those who enjoy the language and culture.


Any student who has met the grade point average requirements is able to apply. It is their option to fill out the application. The application includes a statement of purpose and a list of Spanish Club activity proposals. All new members who complete the application process, pay the application fee of $20, and meet the requirements for GPA status and Spanish Club participation will be accepted into the honor society during the June Induction Ceremony. All students of Spanish are encouraged to meet the necessary requirements to become members.