Department Chairperson: Mr. Sidney Hankerson

The Science Department at Rockville High School is very active, and has a lot to offer to its students. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high quality of learning while making science interesting and fun. Although we are currently the second smallest high school in the county. Science is a big part of our school and there are very few people that don't enjoy our excellent teachers or our exciting programs. To view the county's curriculum for science, please go to: MCPS County Science Curriculum

Courses Offered at Rockville

  • Anatomy and Physiology (A&P)
  • Astronomy with Physics
  • Biology (On-Level, Honors, AP, IB-HL)
  • Chemistry (On-Level, Honors)
  • IB Environmental Systems and Societies (IBESS)
  • Physics (Honors, AP, IB)

Our Teachers

Contact Staff

  • Sidney Hankerson
  • Charles Piety
  • Jonathan Chung
  • Alison Berger
  • Abassie Koroma
  • Jeff Grandin
  • Anu Gupta 
  • Seth Kenton
  • Gilbert Gabriel
  • Annika Rogers
  • Fariha Khan
  • Jason Neal

Class Web Sites

Science Fair

Other Science Opportunities

The Metropolitan Washington D.C. area is rich with opportunities for students to learn about and participate in science. Many students take advantage of the science lectures given at NIH, theNational Naval Observatory, the University of Maryland Physics is Phun demos or the Smithsonian Institute and Carnegie Mellon lectures.

Students participate in such socially beneficial activities as the tutoring of fellow science students, Elementary Demo project, which sends our High School students into the local elementary schools to do science lessons and demonstrations. Students participate in many events such as the:

  • USA Science and Engineering Festival 
  • Final Frontiers Competition
  • Maryland Chemathon
  • Department of Defense internships
  • NIH internships
  • NASA internships
  • MCPS Science Inquiry Conferences
  • Holiday Lectures Series – sponsored by Howard Hughes Medical Institute(December)
  • Green Club
  • RHS/Montgomery County Science Fairs