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The Beall Dawson House is located on the outskirts of the Rockville Town Center in Montgomery County and was built around 1815 for Upton Beall and his wife and daughters. Beall, from a prominent family, was a clerk of the court for the county, and he wanted a home that would reflect his wealth and status. Since then it has been transformed into a museum for the city of Rockville. It has two exhibits, the first is about 19th century medicine and the other about immigration which was created by juniors in Ms. McKim’s AP Language and Composition class at Rockville High School. The juniors interviewed immigrants, including those from their own families, to Montgomery County. Afterwards the students worked together to design the exhibit. The exhibit includes flags of the immigrants' places of origin whether that be out of county, out of state, or out of country. Each flag has a quote from an immigrant who is native to that area. The students also created an art collage that has numerous photos of each immigrant throughout their life followed with a brief description about their life and immigration to Montgomery County. In addition, the students created a LED mural of all of the immigrants' locations of origin connecting to Montgomery County. Visitors to the exhibit will be able to make their own flags and add their own immigrants pins to a world map. The museum is open on the weekends and we hope you'll stop to see the student's hard work. 


An opening reception for the exhibit will be on January 31st from 6pm until 8pm at the Beall-Dawson House.  

Immigration Exhibit  Exhibit 2 exhibit 3

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