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 ss Sesame Street has several great games and videos. Click on the characters to get to favorite games.

abc  Alphabet and Phonics


Star fall 

Starfall - ABCs  


Literacy Center 

 Literacy Center



 ABC Zoo 

ABC Zoo 



abc order2 

 ABC Order Train 


Alphabet Whack-a-Mole



Phonics learning game 

Phonics Learning Game  


Literacy BuildingLiteracy Building 


math  Math Links


Counting and Number Concepts    


  fish Counting Fish
 count with allie Count with Allie   flower garden  Flower Garden
george2 Monkey Jump  
sheep Count the Sheep Number trainNumber Train
ABC trainNumber Order 5 frame  Five Frame




I Spy ShapesI Spy Shapes
Purpy Purpy’s Shapes Telly GardenTelly's Shape Garden
 shapes george  I Love Shapes  Seuss Shape Seuss Sketch-a-Mite
circles Build with Circles rectangles Build with Rectangles






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