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Keys To Success

As responsible Highland Students, we will...

  • Come to school on time every day.
  • Be kind and considerate to my classmates and all adults.
  • Be positive role models for others.
  • Take care of our school and school property.
  • Follow directions and school procedures.
  • Complete daily classwork and homework.

Montgomery County Public Schools
Success for Every Student


We, the people of Montgomery County, believe that a quality education is a fundamental right of every child.  All children will receive the respect, encouragement, and the opportunities they need to build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be successful, contributing members of a changing global society.


The mission of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is to provide a quality, world class education that ensures success for every student through excellence in teaching and learning.

Core Values

  • Every child can learn and succeed.
  • The pursuit of excellence is fundamental and unending.
  • An ethical school system requires fair treatment, honest, openness, integrity, and respect.
  • A quality school system strives to be responsive and accountable to the customer.

Goal 1

Ensure success for every student

Goal 2

Provide an effective instructional program

Goal 3

Strengthen productive partnerships for education

Goal 4

Create a positive work environment in a self-renewing organization

Key Results and Performance Measures

There are 15 key results and 64 performance measures that provide accountability of progress toward achieving the vision, mission, and goals of the Success for Every Student Plan, and enables MCPS to compete with other high-performing school systems around the world.

Academic Milestones

There are eight academic milestones within the Success for Every Student Plan.  The milestones reflect the constancy of purpose and shared emphasis of the original Success for Every Student Plan, adopted in 1992, and the revised plan of 1999, with a particular focus on the progress of African American and Hispanic students.

Core Strategies

There are eight core strategies that define the system-wide effort to achieve success for every student.  The strategies range from quality teaching to parent involvement to systematic data analysis.  The strategies are intended to help guide efforts within individual schools and offices.