Health Room

Hours of Operation: 7:55 a.m.- 3:25p.m. (while school is in session)

Phone: 301-422-5702

Our goal in the health room is to work collaboratively with other agencies to maintain, promote and improve the health of children and families at Key MS.

  • Provides prevention and detection of health and developmental problems
  • Help families to access health care
  • Manages the care of ill and injured students or staff
  • Monitor immunization compliance and maintains student health records.
  • Administer medications and treatments when precribed by the student's physician and provided by the parents or guardians
  • Provides health assessments, crisis intervention, health counseling, health education and referral services.
  • Provide screenings to detect hearing and vision problems.

Ms. Gretta Pittman,
School Health Room Tech

 Ms. Joanna King,
School Community Health Nurse

Health Room


The summer season is here and with the recent rain, we can expect mosquitoes to be out in full force.  This year it is of special concern as we are seeing several cases of the Zika virus in the U.S. which is known to be carried carried by mosquitoes.  There are cases of Zika virus already in Maryland, however, all cases are related to travel to countries already affected by the Zika virus. There are no locally acquired cases of Zika virus in Maryland. As mosquito season begins, the Montgomery County Health Department will continue to monitor developments and will communicate information as needed.  Residents can help themselves and the community by getting rid of mosquito breeding spots. Mosquitoes that spread the Zika virus prefer to breed in small containers close to residential areas.  Eliminate standing water in and around your home.  Throw out or empty and scrub items that hold water such as tires, buckets, flower pots and planters, toys, pools and birdbaths.  Dispose of trash such as plastic bags, bottle caps, open drink cans or bottles, and other trash items that may hold water.  Use air conditioning when possible and make sure screens on windows and doors do not have holes. Clean out roof gutters and down-spouts and eliminate folds and tarps, such as swimming pool covers, grill covers, that may hold water.  Drain water trapped in folds of tarps or covers and arrange so water runs off.  To protect against mosquito bites, cover up with long sleeves and pants and use recommended insect repellent when outside.  These mosquitoes that carry the virus are active during the day, so prevention and use of repellent and long sleeves will be important in reducing transmission and exposure.  Please contact the Health Room if you have any questions.

Best wishes for a healthy Summer!

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