Health Room

Hours of Operation: 7:55 a.m.- 3:25p.m. (while school is in session)

Phone: 301-422-5702

Our goal in the health room is to work collaboratively with other agencies to maintain, promote and improve the health of children and families at Key MS.

  • Provides prevention and detection of health and developmental problems
  • Help families to access health care
  • Manages the care of ill and injured students or staff
  • Monitor immunization compliance and maintains student health records.
  • Administer medications and treatments when precribed by the student's physician and provided by the parents or guardians
  • Provides health assessments, crisis intervention, health counseling, health education and referral services.
  • Provide screenings to detect hearing and vision problems.

Gretta Pittman,
School Health Room Aid

School Community Health Nurse

Information and Forms