Career Readiness Education Academy (CREA)

The Career Readiness Education Academy (CREA) is a career readiness education program for older English Language Learners (ELLs) in MCPS who are unlikely to meet all graduation requirements prior to turning 21.  Many ELLs in CREA are students with limited or interrupted formal education.  Students in CREA are provided with opportunities to learn English language skills, basic work skills and to earn industry certifications.  Students who are eligible to participate in the GED Ready Pilot Program are also offered an opportunity to prepare for the GED in the CREA program.

CREA is available to students as a full-day program or as an evening program.  Having these two program options provides students who need to work or care for their own children with an opportunity to continue their education in MCPS until they turn 21.  Students who participate in either CREA program are considered full-time MCPS students.   



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CREA Referral Form

If you are an ESOL Resource Teacher, school counselor, or administrator wishing to refer a student to the CREA program, please complete the following form and email to Maria Treminio-Ramirez,

If you are a parent, guardian, or student interested in the CREA program, please contact (240) 740-5295.

Si usted es un padre, guardián, o estudiante interesado en el programa de CREA, por favor llame al 240.740-2040, 240.740.2034, o la oficina principal al 240-740-2000 (ext. 1012 or 1029).


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