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Educational Fun and Games

Miscellaneous Resources

This link to the e-Review for a science textbook provides animated review sessions, practice quizzes, and vocabulary games to help reinforce key concepts and ideas.

Science Chapter Overviews

This link is an e-Glossary with a definition of terms from the science textbook we use.

Science e-Glossary

Science Resources

Electricity & Magnetism Resources

Use different materials as circuit testers.  Which are conductors, and which are insulators?

Testing a Circuit

Build your own electric circuit by using various designs with batteries, wires, and bulbs.

Circuit Construction Kit

Use this simulator with John Travolta to discover static electricity and watch the path in which it travels.

John Travoltage

Use this simulator to rub balloons on a sweater to explore static electricity.  Watch how protons (+) and electrons (-) travel and affect each other.

Balloons and Static Electricity

Use this simulation to explore bar magnets, magnetic fields, and Earth's polarity.

Magnetic Fields

Use these directions to build a battery out of a potato!

Potato Battery

Astronomy Resources

Read about the phases of the moon, and see a realtime update on the moon's current status in orbit.

Phases of the Moon

See a monthly calendar of the phases of the moon.

Moon Phase Calendar

See diagrams, pictures, and read background information about all the major constellations in the Northern Hemisphere.

Exploring the Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere

See how the night sky will look during any month and time based on Earth's rotation and revolution.

Sky Map

Type in your weight, and see how it would change based on what planet or other celestial object you are standing on!

Your Weight on Other Worlds

Type in hypothetical lengths to see how big various objects are in relation to each other, such as planets, stars, and distances in space.

Astronomic Proportions

Cells & Heredity Resources

Take a quiz to help learn the different parts of a standard classroom microscope.

Microscope Parts Quiz

This fascinating simulation zooms from an extreme distance out in the universe to an extreme close-up of atoms and molecules.

The Power of 10

Explore numerous stills and brief videos of microscopic organisms and specialized animal cells.

Microscope Imaging Station

Miscellaneous Science Resources

Use your creativity and knowledge of ecosystems to construct a unique food web.  Click on the link at the bottom of the page to get to the activity.

Creating a Food Web

Explore all kinds of scientific concepts with these interactive simulations!

Scientific Simulations

Math Resources

Harcourt publishing has put out a lot of fun, interactive activities that will help review concepts from the math curriculum through Grade 6.  This is a great place to go for self-guided extra help.

Math E-Lab

Can't find your protractor?  Use this link to print one out, cut it (including the space in the middle), and have one ready made!

Printable Protractor

All kinds of interactive math games and activities to learn and review all math objectives through 7th grade.

Interactive Math Skill Builders

Hundreds of fun math activities to choose from for all subjects and skill levels.

Interactive Math

Practice your computation skills while playing America's pastime.  The game can be adjusted for all skill levels.

Math Baseball

This link has two games about positive and negative numbers.  One is to order them from least to greatest, and the second is to add and subtract them.

Negative Numbers Games

Practice your probability skills using this adjustable spinner that can be adjusted for all skill levels.  Change the number of spaces and the size of each area before making your predictions!

Adjustable Spinner

Practice your skills with elapsed time using a matching game, flash cards, or a concentration game.

Discovering Elapsed Time

Use perimeter and area strategies to build houses, cars, and much more!  You can use various colors for design while computing the right measurements for each part to build.

Bucky's Blueprints Perimeter and Area Game

Use a randomizing grid to practice calculating area and perimeter.

Interactivate: Perimeter Explorer

Use measurement conversions to play this game on a sliding, adjustable scale.

The Measurement Conversion Game

Use metric conversions to build a shed with three different levels of difficulty.

Skillwise Length, Weight, and Capacity Game

Practice locating points on a 4-quadrant coordinate grid with Billy Bug!

Billy Bug Coordinates Game

Practice solving problems using the correct Order of Operations.

Practice Order of Operations

Use this website for interactive math games to review a lot of different topics

Class Brain

Test yourself on all sorts of math concepts including exponents, coordinate grids, fractions, angles, probability, and much more!

Math Test Activities

Design your own math worksheets for computation practice based on your individual ability level.

Individualized Math Worksheets

Writing Resources

Various graphic organizers to help you get your ideas together before beginning to write.

Graphic Organizers

Reading Resources

Montgomery County Public Libraries

Brief disclaimer: these are all booklists put together by outside sources.  I cannot personally vouch for the quality of every book on these lists, but if you're looking for some good ideas for books, these resources are good places to start.

Scholastic book lists and links to award winners

Education World's summer reading lists by grade level

About.com's 10 summer reading lists

Find information about favorite books, series and authors

Reading is Fundamental's Booklist for Boys

Recommended reading for boys from Jon Scieszka

Best children's books with strong female characters

Recommended books by subject with brief summaries

Culturally diverse books with strong female characters

Books with positive portrayals of aging and older characters

Language Arts Resources

Fun word games, including word searches, crossword puzzles, and a pyramid vocabulary game.

Pitara's Word Games

This site contains a LOT of fun word games, including vocabulary builders, word searchers, and even a game based on Wheel of Fortune

Word Games from The Kidz Page.com

More fun word games.  You'll have to click through a bunch of annoying pop-ups to get there, but the games are useful.

BlackDog's Word Games

A vocabulary game based on the TV show "Lingo"


Social Studies Resources

Quiz yourself by trying to label all the states in the Continental U.S. in under 5 minutes.

Map of the United States Quiz

Test your world geography skills using the map quizzes on the bottom right of this webpage.

World Geography Quizzes

A website dedicated to the American flag, including its history, specifications, and guidelines.

All About the U.S. Flag

View Dr. Martin Luther King's historic and inspirational "I Have a Dream" speech delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963.

I Have a Dream

An assembly of various informational websites about Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, the Mayflower, and Native Americans.

Thanksgiving Websites

An animated short film produced by a fifth grade class in Cambridgeport that details Molly Banaky's life and influences in pre-colonial American history.

5th Grade Film on Molly Banaky

Educational Fun & Games

If you're the type who loves Sudoku, you'll LOVE these situational logic puzzles.

Logic Puzzles

At this site, you can play Sudoku games of all sizes and skill levels.  You can even choose whether to play with numbers or pictures!

Sudoku for Kids

Regular Sudoku too easy for you?  Try these daily Samurai Sudoku puzzles that are 5 regular puzzles interwoven into one gigantic one!

Samurai Sudoku

Miscellaneous Resources

Need to time yourself?  This is a widescreen, easy-to-see timer that can be set to show Elapsed Time or a Countdown as needed.

Classroom Timer

American Library Association has a remarkable list here of great websites for kids relating to almost any subject you can think of.

ALA's Great Web Sites for Kids

Resource books for adults looking for ways to help their child.

Resource Books for Adults


More resources to come!  Feel free to e-mail me if you have any good suggestions for a website that you think would be great to share.