This year's Michael J. Doran Writing Contest has opened for submission! 

The 1st place winner will receive $150, the 2nd place $100, and the 3rd place $50. Honorable Mention awards may also be given out. The winners will be recognized and the winning stories will be published in the school newspaper.
We have 3 prompt options this year: 
Prompt 1: Write a fictional short story that takes place in the year 3000.
Prompt 2: You walk home from school and your entire house is gone like it never existed. You are left standing on a street with nothing but your black jeans, a sweatshirt, a fountain pen, tattered sneakers, and a half eaten cookie. What happened?
Prompt 3: Our lives have just been a simulation to teach you a lesson. You wake up and remember your real life and the simulated life. What was the lesson from your simulated life and what is your real life like?
Pick one of the three prompts and write! Limited to 1500 words.
Deadline for submissions is Monday, February 26th, 12 pm Eastern Time. Email your stories to with the title of your story as the subject. Please include your name and grade level in the body of the email.
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