Wootton Patriot of the Month

September 2017

POTM - 9/17

Michael has eagerly befriended a transfer student, and his optimistic attitude and work ethic have spread to his new friend and lab partner. Largely due to this friendship, the lab partner’s test grade has improved from a C to an A. Michael’s willingness to help others, his kindness, and his positivity makes him a wonderful asset to our class and school!

Osagie is new to Wootton this year. He has 100% in my class. Not only is he an exceptional student, he is one of the nicest students I have met at Wootton. He enters my class every day with a smile and says “Good morning!” He says the same when he leaves. He is always attentive and puts 100% effort into everything he does. he is a student who loves to learn and doesn’t only care about ‘what is on the test’. Osagie is such a pleasure to teach!”

Rory has a great attitude! He is always positive, and tries hard on everything he does. He is on task 100% every day. Also, if he is stressed about an assignment, he simply puts his head down and gets to work--no complaining, no shirking responsibility. This is another way he is an excellent role model for the kids around him. New to Wootton, Rory is already impressing teachers and making great friendships with students.

Gelila comes to class everyday with a GIANT smile on her face! She is friendly and sociable with all the other students, and has a great attitude towards the class, her teachers, and her peers in general. She makes the classroom a HAPPIER place!

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