Academic Clubs

  • Aeronautics Club
    The Wootton Aeronautics club endeavors to explore and understand the dynamics of flight through the construction and flight of remote-control model aircraft. Students will also be able to get a chance to listen to aeronautical engineers around the region as well as volunteer in community partnerships with elementary schools and KID Museum for demonstrations and fundraisers. Our club meetings are every two weeks on Tuesday in room 180.
    Co-Presidents: Ethan Liu, Matthew Belyakov 
    Sponsor: Mrs. Kwak
  • Banned Books Club
    Students in the club will expand their knowledge of what a banned book is, the access of banned books around the country compared to the world, and read banned books that we have access to, to figure out why they were banned.
    President: Jessica Benya
    Sponsor: Jeff Benya  
  • CATS
    Cross Age Teaching of Science (C.A.T.S.) is an organization that allows high school students to teach science to elementary school students. Groups of Wootton High School students visit local feeder schools, once or twice a month, to perform science experiments/demonstrations for first, second, or third graders. The demo is followed by a discussion of what happened, why it happened, and how it happened. The demonstrations help students learn and practice leadership skills and connect with the local community while also helping young children get a peek into more complex, scientific concepts through a fun visual and interesting discussion. We meet monthly in Mrs. Peth's room.
    Sponsor: Nancy Peth  
  • Chemistry Club
    A club which helps students to realize and cultivate their love for the subject of chemistry and open up more opportunities for students to engage in chemistry-related activities.
    Sponsor: Ms. Wang
  • Creative Writing Club
    Creative Writing Club will enhance the Wootton community by helping students who are interested in story writing become better writers by gaining more confidence while learning from fellow students who share the same interest.
    Sponsor: Ms. Evans
  • Debate Team
    We plan to build argumentative and speech skills to develop life long skills in public speaking and debate. We will participate in the county wide debates and hopefully get more people to the finals than last year
    Sponsor: Ms. Boswell and Ms. Kaplan
  • It's Academic
    We hope to become the smartest and most prolific trivia team in the state and to win the It's Academic and Quizmaster Championships.
    Sponsor: Brett Bentley  
  • Mathletes
     2018 Mathletes
    Sponsor: Ms. Brasoveanu
  • Model UN
    Sponsor: Ms. Buckingham 
  • Physics Club
    Physics Club is a group led by AP Physics students who are dedicated to the dissemination of physics knowledge and the promotion of an appreciation for physics in a collaborative setting. We provide tutoring, help, practice, and problem solving strategies. Physics students of all levels are encouraged to join.
    Sponsor: Michael Thompson
  • Robotics Club
    We build and program Lego NXT robots to help teach people about robotics. Every year, we compete in the ION Mini Urban Challenge, which is a robotics competition in which robots must navigate a miniature city while staying on the roads, following speed limits, stopping at stop signs and parking in the specified parking spaces. Members also compete in intramural line following and sumo bot competitions. This year, we hope to build a robot swarm.
    President: Oliver Zheng President

    Aditi Singh   Vice-President

    Varun Iyer Secretary

    Sponsor: Dr. Hirsch  
  • Rubik's Club
    We hope to teach Wootton how to solve the Rubik's Cube, fostering geomentrical skills, reasoning skills, and providing a friendly, competitive, and intellectual atmosphere.
    Sponor: Ms. Pykosh
  • Wootton Science Journal
    Sponsor: Ms. Adler
  • The Writers' League
    The mission of the Writers’ League is to help students gain confidence in writing by participating in writing competitions. The League will collect information on writing competitions, post the information for the Wootton community, and organize members to participate. At our monthly meeting, we will learn from experienced writers and writing instructors. We will also organize an annual writing competition for Wootton students. Writers’ League will boost creativity, foster lifelong friendships, and prepare students for college and beyond.
    President: Florina Lam
    Co-Vice President: Abby Singh
    Co-Vice President: Ruth Chen
    Sponsor: Ms. Parker
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