7th Grade Social Studies: Geography of Latin America

For this project, you have been assigned a country.   
Use the resources listed below to locate information about your country.   
To work from home, you will need logons and passwords for some of these sites.   
Logons & Passwords are on your worksheet,  
they are also available via your google account: Click here


     BOOKS:  There are books on Latin American countries on a cart in the Media Center or in your classroom.  
     Books are generally reliable and well organized sources of information. 
   Online Resources 
  • Culture Grams:  Click CultureGrams->World Edition->Click on the Map to find your country. Geography, climate, culture, economy & people.

  • World Data Analyst:  Click World Data Analyst->Type country name. Statistics on population, economy, demographic groups.

  • Encyclopedia BritannicaType country name in search box for middle school. Geography, climate, culture, economy & people.  Photos. 

  • Image Quest:  Search by country name and also by city, landmark, region, food, animal, plant, etc.  Photographs!!!  

      Presentation Tools
  • Animoto: Create an information video.  Get a logon and password in class.
  • PowerPoint: Create a slide presentation.  In your applications folder. 
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