Creating a Bibliography with NoodleTools

NoodleTools is an Online Tool that can be used to create a bibliography.   
A Bibliography, or works cited page, is a list of the sources used for research.  
The bibliography gives credit to the source of the information used.  
MCPS has purchased NoodleTools for all students to use. 
Here are some screencasts (video clips) to help you get started with NoodleTools.         

   Logon to Noodletools 

  • Go to NoodleTools
  • Use "Access via G Suite/Office 365"
  • Use your
  • Click on "Sign in with Google"     
   Create a Project in NoodleTools
  • Choose New Project 
    • Fill in a Project Name
    • MLA form
    • Junior level
 noodle new project
   Create Citations in Noodletools 
 noodle citation

   Get your Works Cited page (bibliography) from Noodletools

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