Science 7 Hydroponics
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Hydroponics System Design Plan 


MCPS’s Green Schools Program in conjunction with Food & Nutrition Services would like to produce locally grown produce for use in their cafeterias in an effort to decrease usage of natural resources, such as water and land in Montgomery County; Your RFP plan is to research, construct, and evaluate a hydroponics system that will allow you to grow basil plants without using soil in the classroom.

What is Hydroponics?



TR Hydroponic Lettuce video     


lettuce vid
    1. Types of Hydroponics System Designs 

    2. Materials used for Hydroponics Systems  


  3. Benefits of Hydroponics

     4. Cost of Materials

  5. What nutrients do plants need to grow?
     What does each nutrient do for the plant?

    6.  How does a plant make it's own food?  


   7. Properties of water and the roles it plays
      in the plant's production of food.  

    8. How do plants get the nutrients and water
    they need? 


 hydro wick  

hydro ebbflow

Drip System

hydro drip

Aeroponic System

hydro aeroponic

Nutrient Film System

hydro nf

hydro water culture




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