6th Grade English:  Contemporary Issues Research

 2017 web eval  

Disclaimer:  You must evaluate your websites.  The links below are NOT all to authoritative websites.   

Animal Rights
Should animals be used for medical research?  
Beauty Pageants
Are beauty pageants good for girls?  
Cell Phones 
Should cell phones be allowed in schools?  
Controversial Mascots
Should controversial mascots
(like the Redskins) be banned? 
Extra-Terrestrial Life 
Is it likely that life exists on other planets? 
  Should homework be abolished?
Junk Food Tax
Should junk food be taxed to discourage 
Paying for Grades
Should students be paid for good grades?
School Schedule 
Should students spend more time in school?
School Uniforms
Should students be required to wear school
Sports for Youth
Are sports programs for youth too intense?   
Teen Driving
Should the minimum driving age be changed?
Voting Age 
Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
Women in the Military
Should women serve in combat?
Should animals be kept in zoos?
Writing Cursive
Should schools teach cursive writing?
  have LOTS of information in SIRS Issues and Controversies
  Enter SIRS and find your Issue in the alphabetical list
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