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prek Pre-K

Ms. Berry

k Kindergarten

Ms. Burnsky, Ms. Cole, Ms. Goldberg, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Lim, Ms. O'Neill, Ms. Pierson, Ms. Ramienski

1 Grade 1

Ms. Bixler, Mrs. Christopher, Ms. DeWitt, Mrs. Kincaid, Ms. McAndrew, Ms. Murray, Mrs. Presson, Mrs. Tozer

2 Grade 2

Mrs. Aellen, Mrs. Higgins, Ms. Hsu, Ms. Joseph, Mrs. Siebert, Mrs. Yuan, Ms. Beach

3 Grade 3

Ms. Coll, Ms. Kelleher, Mrs. Carlson, Ms. Custer, Ms. Munoz, Ms. Beach

4 Grade 4

Mrs. Phipps, Mr. Held, Mrs. Riggin, Mrs. McNally, Mrs. Donovan

5 Grade 5

Ms. Riggin, Mrs. Bentov, Mrs. McGowan, Mr. McKinley



Ms. Udovich, Ms. Ramirez


Ms. Shrader, Ms. Krueger, Ms. Kanowith (Instrumental Music)

pePhysical Education

Ms. Iannicelli-Rippen, Ms. Mandel


Curriculum 2.0 Parent Newsletters

Newsletters are available to inform parents about the curriculum in each marking period. They will be sent home with your child two times per marking period. Electronic copies are available at  

Please talk to your child's teacher with any questions.


School Supply Lists 2014


Grade 1 

Grade 2 

Grade 3 

Grade 4 

Grade 5 


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