After School Activities at Silver Creek Middle School

The school day ends at 3:00 pm, but there's still plenty going on at Silver Creek after hours! Students can sign up for a variety of after school activities ranging from classes and clubs, intramural sports, interscholastic sports, and music.  An afterschool activity bus leaves at 4:30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays - click here for the bus stops.   

 *Afterschool activities run from 3:15pm to 4:30 pm unless otherwise noted.    

Book Wars    

Every other Wednesdays in the Media Center in Ms. Diskin
Book Wars competition date is April 6th.

The Green Team    

Tuesdays in Room 253 with science and social studies teacher Ms. Frank.
 Earn SSL hours and participate in student led activities that may include:  Teaching and helping others go green by making posters, news stories, a documentary, website or blog; Getting outside to make Silver Creek more beautiful; Helping to create an outdoor classroom. 

Homework Club

Tuesdays in Room 345 with Ms. Lansell and Wednesdays in Room 245 with Ms. Guignard.  
Do you need help with your homework? Would you like a quiet place to do your homework? The Homework Club is here for you!! 


Husky Jazz Band 

Every Tuesday and Wednesday with Mrs. Mullarkey, Room 116  
Open to all Silver Creek student musicians who feel comfortable reading music and performing on their instruments.  This ensemble will perform at multiple concerts throughout the school year.   

Interages Partnership with Kensington Park Senior Living Center
Thursdays March 22 through May 10 with Ms. Hill.  

This partnership with our next door neighbors will allow students and seniors to learn from each other.  Students will earn SSL hours for their participation.  See Ms. Hill for an application and more details.


Library Advisory Board 

Every other Tuesday with Ms. Diskin in the Media Center  
The all student Library Advisory Board will help shape and promote our library media program by:  

 Advising, planning and implementing Library Media Center programs. 

 Creating displays and other communication to celebrate ideas for and by teens. 

 Recommending books, audiobooks, ebooks and magazines for the collection. 

 Recommending improvements in Library Media Center policies, procedures and organization. 


Math Club 

Fridays 3:00pm-3:45pm in Room 309 with Silver Creek parent Mrs. Gelfond   
If you love math and challenges, join the math team to participate in weekly practice sessions after school.    


Math 7 Support 

Tuesdays with Ms. Chin, Room 311   
Invited students will be able to address skill gaps and strengthen their problem solving and critical thinking skills so they are prepared to take Algebra in Grade 8. 


Model UN 

Meets the 2nd and 3rd Wednesday in February and March with Ms. Hodges in Room 415

Monthly Makerspace 

Meets once a month on Tuesdays with Ms. Diskin 
Use our Library Media Center’s makerspace to build, create and explore new skills and ideas.  We’ll have circuitry, construction, coding, animation, crafting and much more.     


Poms Squad

Wednesdays in the Large Auxiliary Gym, with Ms. Dinger and Ms. Mannheimer 
Poms is a mix of cheerleading and various dance styles.   


Running Club

 Tuesdays and Thursdays with Mrs. Marquardt and Mr. Chandler.

Silver Melodies A Capella Group

Meets on Thursdays in Room 113 with Mrs. Mullarkey.  
Members are required to practice their music outside of rehearsal and attend all mandatory rehearsals and performances, including the winter and spring concerts.  It students are not enrolled in band, orchestra or choir during the school day, schedule an audition with Ms. Tauber


STEM Science Team  

Thursdays with Mr. Hardy in Room 369 
Learn science fundamentals and conduct hands-on experiments; Explore the web and create your own web page; Design and construct robots to solve everyday problems; Learn math fundamentals and use them to complement the Science (experiments), Technology (coding), and Engineering (robots). 


Student Government Association (SGA)

Work with the SGA advisors (Ms. Lansell and Ms. Shiffman) and elected Student Government Association officers to plan dances, fundraisers and other school-wide events.


Student Leadership Mentoring Program

 Wednesdayswith Ms. Sexton and Mr. Kavanaugh in Room 341 
Designed to provide mentoring and academic support to selected students, with the goal of improving leadership and student advocacy skills. 


TV Studio Club  

7:30am-8:25am Weekdays with Mr. Shively, Room 207  
Do the morning announcements and learn basic TV studio production. Students will do other special events throughout the year as well.      


Yearbook Club 

Wednesdays in Room 279 with Ms. Gross and Mr. Chandler  
Are you artistic?  Do you want to help design the first ever Silver Creek yearbook?  Bring your creative ideas to the yearbook club.      



Intramural sports are designed to promote participation in sport to all eligible middle school students, both male and female, grades 6 and 7, from our school only!  There are no try-outs, and you don’t need much experience to participate.     

Intramurals take place after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and/or Thursdays; Exact dates are determined the week prior, depending on teacher schedules, field/facility space and weather.
 Mr. Bingaman is the intramural coordinator ( and will provide more information during PE classes and via the morning announcements.    

 Sports include:
Indoor Soccer 
(Approximately 3/6-3/22)
Weight Training (Approximately 3/6-3/22)
(Approximately 4/3-4/12)
Ultimate Frisbee 
(Approximately 4/3-4/12)
Archery (Mornings, 
(Approximately 4/17-4/26)
(Approximately 4/17-4/26)

Pickleball/Tennis (Approximately 4/17-4/26)

Target Games (Bocce, Capture the Flag, etc.) (Approximately 5/1-5/17)



Inter-school competitions for 7th and 8th grade students only, requires try-outs

Fall season:

Cross Country

Boys Softball

Girls Softball

Winter season:

Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball

Spring season:

Boys Soccer

Girls Soccer