MCPS is seeking feedback from parents/guardians on the new elementary curriculum process and plans.  The survey asks parents/guardians for their familiarity with school curriculum and asks them to rate the effectiveness of Curriculum 2.0.


It also seeks feedback on the most important aspects of a new curriculum; the benefits of an externally purchased curriculum; any concerns the district should consider when reviewing curriculum products; and the most important factors for a successful rollout of a new curriculum.


Montgomery County Board of Education Policy IFA, Curriculum, calls for reviews of curriculum content evert five years.


As MCPS transitions away from Curriculum 2.0 toward an externally purchased curriculum, stakeholder feedback will be an important consideration.  Parents/guardians can offer their feedback until June 11.


The transition to a new elementary curriculum will take place over multiple years, beginning with a group of schools and selected courses in 2018-2019.  For more information, visit