Office of Interpreting Services

(Sign Language/Cued Speech)

Coordinator: Cheryl Lee
Office Assistants:
Michelle Cagley & Lori Rosian
Sorenson Video Phone:
301-637-2958 or 866-261-8693
Voice & FAX:

  • Our office provides sign language interpreters and cued speech transliterators for deaf and hard of hearing students, K-12.
  • We also provide interpreters for deaf staff and parents.
  • If you need to request a sign language interpreter or cued speech transliterator, please go to the following link:  

Sign Language Interpreters

Contact Staff  

  • Robyn Anastas  
  • Jill Davis 
  • Wendi Ely
  • Shana Ilgenfritz
  • Sujata Gupta
  • Rhonda Jones
  • Mary Lawrence
  • Kim-Loan Mai
  • Steve Mather
  • Kristi McAlteese
  • Lana Morgan
  • Krista Thigpen

Cued Speech Transliterators

  • Lauren Gilbert
  • Anne King
  • Barbara Milenky
  • Barbara Smith
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