Social Studies Course Sequence

Students need 3 credits in Social Studies to graduate from high school. The following three courses are required and are taken in this order.

Required Courses

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
US History NSL MWH AP/Electives
US History (Honors) NSL (Honors) MWH (Honors)  
  AP Gov't/NSL* AP MWH*  
US History (Pre-IB)** AP Gov't/NSL(Pre-IB)** IB Diploma Courses IB Diploma Courses

US History--> United States History
NSL--> National, State, and Local Government
MWH--> Modern Word History

In addition, some students choose to take electives in their junior or senior year. 

Additional AP/Electives Courses

11th or 12th Grade
Semester Courses: 

  • African American History
  • Psychology
  • HSA Workshop –NSL
Year Long Courses:
  • AP Psychology*
  • AP U.S. History*
  • AP European History*
  • AP Human Geography*
  • AP Economics*
  • AP Comparative Gov’t*

**Pre- International Baccalaureate (IB) Course Description

This program is a comprehensive and rigorous pre-university curriculum leading to an IB diploma. Successful IB candidates are typically granted advanced placement credit at universities and colleges.

*Advanced Placement (AP) Course Description

  • Reading levels are accelerated and amount of reading is greater
  • Weekly supplemental texts are added
  • AP style tests are administered
  • College Board curriculum is followed
  • Conceptual Understanding of material is necessary
  • Writing with a clear thesis that is well organized is a must
  • Focus on document based questioning and assessment.
  • Primary Document Analysis

Honors (H) Placement Course Description

  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Primary and Secondary Document Analysis
  • Critical Reading
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Independent/Group Work
  • Consistent Homework
  • Time Management Skills
  • Meets Due Dates and Deadlines
  • BCR/ECR Writing Abilities
  • Cornell Note-Taking
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