Good Morning!


My name is Julia Parenti and I'm the new Instrumental Music Teacher at KP this year. I wanted to reach out to all 4th and 5th grade parents whose children are interested in participating in Band or Orchestra this year. I met with all 4th and 5th graders two weeks ago in the Intro to Music Assembly where they filled out an interest form for me regarding Band/Orchestra. Then, this past week, I met with each student individually who would be new to the music program this year (all 4th graders and some 5th graders who never played an instrument/wanted to switch instruments). I gave each student who had an interview with me a form with their instrument information and registration information. If this didn't make it home to you, no worries, just send me an email and I can check my list to see what instrument your student ended up choosing! 5th graders who will be continuing on the same instrument as last year did not have an interview to try out the instruments, but I have all of their information and have been creating groups for them in Advanced Band/Orchestra. 


The link to my website is listed below. ***All registration forms, lesson schedules and other information is available there and will be updated regularly. ***


Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions/concerns!


Thank you,


Julia Parenti

Instrumental Music

Montgomery County Public Schools