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Come and experience a variety of different sounds from amazing artists from Strathmore! Musicians such as Amadou Kouyate, Josanne Francis, and Christylez Bacon & Nistha Raj will be performing with their exotic beats and instruments.


 Amadou KouyateJosanne  Francis | Christylez Bacon | Nistha Raj | Keisho Ono 

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Amadou Kouyate

 Amadou Kouyate, a first generation American with family from Manding Diali in Western Africa, plays a variety of music from traditional 13th century African songs. to original contemporary compositions incorporating jazz and blues riffs. Kouyate's instrument of choice is a 21-string Kora, but he also performs rhythmic presentations on Djembe and Koutira drums. 



Josanne  Francis

 Josanne Francis originates from Trinidad and Tobago. She is known for her talent in playing the steel pan, marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, timpani, and snare drum. She is passionate about musical education and has developed programs that promote and encourage artistic expression, awareness, and appreciation within and among different cultures. Her performance styles include: orchestral, marching percussion and samba.


Christylez Bacon

 Christylez Bacon is originally from Southeast, Washington, D.C. This Grammy nominated artist is known for his vocal talent, beat-boxing skills, expertise in guitar and ukulele, as well as his percussion capabilities. This versatile artist specializes in Hip Hop, Classical, Jazz, Funk, and World music.

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Nistha Raj


Originally from India, Nistha Raj is known for playing the violin and mixing classical Hindustani music with modern sounds to present it to a new generation of music lovers.

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Keisho Ono

 Keisho Ohno is a Tsugaru Shamisen player who mixes traditional Shamisen music with modern and rock music. He is always a challenger in aspiring nouvelle performance and high musical technique. He now has lots of fans in and outside of Japan.

keisho ono