Academic Crash Course Sessions

Who: Any student wanting to improve their reading and writing skills is welcome to attend.

When: During lunch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from January 30 – February 21, 2018.

Where: D132 (Mr. Johnson’s room)

Led by: Mrs. Brennan, Resource Teacher – Social Studies

Link to Sign up (this helps us have enough materials for students):



Course Descriptions and schedules:

Crash Course: Read Like a Champ!

When reading Harry Potter, all you need are fuzzy socks and hot chocolate. When reading for school, keep the socks and cocoa, but grab those highlighters! Learn to read with a purpose, create thought provoking outlines, and answer any question coming your way with evidence! Learn to source the documents by considering the author, time period, and purpose!


Crash Course: Write Like a Champ!

When it comes to academic writing, it's all about the evidence. Learn to create a strong thesis, develop claims, and prove your argument using evidence, all in your own words! Use your words to change the world (or at least someone's opinion) about any topic!


Week 1

Tuesday, January 30

Wednesday, January 31

(Same topic both days)

Intro to Analytical Reading: Habits and Skills to develop before college


Week 2

Tuesday, February 6

Wednesday, February 7

(Same topic both days)

Forming and Supporting an Argument (Practice reading, form argument, and defend with group)


Week 3

Tuesday, February 13

Part 1: Analytical Reading – How to Read like a college student - practice



Wednesday, February 14


Part 2: Writing an essay using evidence

Week 4

Tuesday, February 20

Part 1: How to read historical and nonfiction documents


Wednesday, February 21

Part 2: How to write an essay using documents