• Main Office Telephone: 240-740-0100
  • Main Office Fax Number: 301-929-2240

Administrative Staff

Administrator Position Adminstrative Duties Main Office Support Staff
Mr. Joe L. Rubens Principal Supervision of Entire School Administrative Assistant:
Mrs. Ingrid Higgins
Ms. Keir Lewis Assistant Principal Grade 9 Supervision 240-740-0100
Mr. Jae Hwang Assistant Principal Grade 10 Supervision Secretary:
Ms. Sharee Nelson
Mr. Ryan Harrigan Assistant School Administrator Grade 11 Supervision 240-740-0100
Ms. Kaleisha Wright Assistant Principal Grade 12 Supervision Secretary:
Ms. Monica Rosales
Ms. Marjorie Bacon Business Administrator Financial Matters and Building Use 240-740-0065

Departments and Duties