Informational Websites

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Student Search Engines

  • Ask Kids - This is a search engine for elementary-age students to ask questions and receive answers about many topics. It also includes links to news websites for kids, games for kids, and information on many academic subjects.
  • Yahoo Kids - This is a search engine and web guide for elementary-age students to find information about a variety of topics. Its bright and colorful graphics, with a lot of visuals, make it engaging and kid-friendly. The list of topics includes links to websites kids would be interested in viewing.
  • Kids Click - A search engine for kids created by librarians.
  • Awesome Library Organizes the Web with 35,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.
  • DibDabDoo - Searches around 2 million kid/teen safe sites and the database is growing daily. The engine used on does NOT crawl the Internet and add any site it comes across. Instead, it uses fast meta technology that crawls sites and databases that have been reviewed by humans and classified as kid/teen safe.
  • Great Websites for Kids  - This is the American Library Association's website of links for kids. It includes links to websites across every academic subject area and reviews of great websites for kids. The site also features a website of the month.
  • FirstGov for Kids - Find links to government and other kids' sites.

Language Arts

  • TumbleBooks Check out this new website! You can read your favorite books in e-book form, have a book read to you, play games, puzzles, answer story questions, get information about authors, and much more!
  •  Time For Kids - This is a website with the Time For Kids Magazine online, with articles to read. It provides news articles and photographs for current events and links to the paper issues, organized by grade level. The important words in the articles are highlighted in a different color and you can click on them to find out the definitions. You can also download worksheets related to the paper issues to print out.
  • Grammar Blast  - This is a website with grammar practice for the TerraNova test. It provides practice questions like the students will find on the TerraNova Test, and you can click to see if each answer is correct, as you go along. The site keeps score as you answer the questions.
  • Word Central - This is an online dictionary for upper-elementary children. It allows you to type in a word and view the dictionary entry. It also allows you to create your own dictionary, with new words you have created. You can also view the daily buzzword, to learn new words and build vocabulary.
  • Starfall   - This website has links to reading and activities for beginning readers.
  • Harcourt Reading Skills and Activities - The website for the Harcourt Publishing Company with reading activities for all grade levels.
  • Raz-Kids  - This website is for the kindergarten students to use in conjuction with their classroom reading.  They will be able to practice reading and listening skills.
  • Junie B. Jones - A website for fans of the Junie B. Jones series!  Includes information about the books, the author, and activities.



  • The Magic School Bus  - This is the website of The Magic School Bus, including activities and games. There are also school-related activities, such as organization help and help for writing reports. The site also includes a page about popular children's books and a preschool page.
  • Insect Metamorphosis   - This is a website about insect metamorphosis, focusing on the caterpillar and butterfly. Geared for third-grade, the site explains the metamorphosis process as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. There is also a page with graphic organizers that you can use to chart the similarities and differences between a butterfly and a moth.
  • Living Things   - This is a website about living things. Written for upper-elementary students, the site includes pages on the individual, the family, the neighborhood, and the circle of life. There are also links for teachers and two science magazines.
  • Star Child   - This is a website about stars and the solar system. It is a NASA website for kids, which explains the solar system, the universe, and general space stuff. The information is offered in two levels of text, one for elementary students and the other for middle or high school students. The site also provides links to find the same information in several different languages.

Social Studies

  • Econopolis   - This is a website about the economy and how money works. It is designed in a kid-friendly format with early-elementary text. It provides information and examples of basic economic concepts. such as supply and demand, goods and services, trade, producer vs. consumer, and opportunity costs. The economic concepts are provided in stories and also includes quiz questions to test your economic knowledge.
  • Ben's Guide to U.S. Government   - This is a website about the U.S. government. It is very extensive, with many different pages. It explains everything about the U.S. government, as well as the neighborhood and community, symbols of our country, and governement-related words listed in alphabetical order. The site is very colorful with simple cartoon pictures, that would appeal to elementary school children of any age. It also has links to U.S. Government websites.
  • White House Kids - This website is about the White House, and is designed for elementary-age kids. It includes current White House events and links for parents and teachers. The site has links to take a virtual tour of the White House. There are also pages about White House pets, historical facts, sports, and traditions. There are photos, quizzes, and games about the Presidents and the White House.
  • Mount Vernon  - This is the website for Mount Vernon, George Washingotn's home. You can take a photo tour and read about his plantation.
  • Plymouth Plantation - A website about Plymouth Plantation, where the pilgrims landed. There are links for kids with recipes, coloring pictures, stories, and things you can make.
  • Native American Indian Information Chart  - A webpage with information about many Native American Indian tribes and nations.
  • Native Languages of the Americas: List of Native American Indian Tribes and Languages - A website with information about Native American Indian tribes and languages.


  • Kids' Health & Fitness - This elementary website gives kids information about health and fitness. It includes five fun ways for kids to have health and fitness. It provides information on healthy eating habits and physical activities kids can do alone and with friends. There are links for teachers and lesson ideas.
  • My Pyramid  - Website with the food pyramid and activities for kids about the food pyramid.
  • Net Smartz Kids - A website with games that work on internet safety skills.

Keyboarding & Typing Skills

  •   Dance Mat Typing - BBC Schools - Elementary level typing program from Britain. Has extra worksheets.
  • Peter's Online Typing Course - Upper elementary and middle school reading level. Uses minimal interactive features.
  • e-Learning for Kids - Elementary level. Very little reading; verbal instruction. Time consuming to listen to intro movie, but it can be skipped. Start with the beginner level by clicking on the alien.

Discovery Education Links