Weekly Updates

Good evening Galway Families, this is Principal Fuller with your weekly updates for April 16-April 20. We had another great week at Galway Elementary. A special thanks to everyone who supported the Spring Fling. Please come out and support the Galway Science and STEAM Fair on Wednesday. Skip cooking and support our Chipotle Fundraiser on Monday evening which purchases books for classroom libraries. As shared in an earlier correspondence, Galway Elementary will not formally participate in the National School Walkout Day on April 20, but we will institute new safety measures when adults request entrance to the building. After pressing the door access button, the following information will be required of all adults-your name, the child you’re connected to, and the nature of your business. Once this information is shared, the door will be unlocked for your admittance.


Monday, April 16

Chipotle Fundraiser-funds classroom libraries (4:00-9:00 pm Cherry Hill Rd.)


Tuesday, April 17

5th Grade Science Fair Projects Feedback by PBHS Honor Society and Science Honor Society

PTA-Chef’s Night Out-McDonald’s 4:30-7:30 pm (Burtonsville)


Wednesday, April 18

Science Fair/STEAM Night 6:30-8:00 pm


Friday, April 20

5th Grade FT to UMCP


Have a great week on purpose!

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